Sony 32 inch Flat Screen Digital HDTV Review and Prices in Kenya

Introduction to Sony TVs in Kenya

Whoever buys a Sony TV has truly bought a television. Sony TVs are not only genuine, original and long lasting, but also use proprietary technology that gives it superior performance when compared to all TVs. Read post on Which Is the Best TV: LG TV vs. Samsung TV vs. Sony TV.  In fact, Sony Bravia, which came to market in 2005 is considered the best selling TV in the world to date, and the Sony 32 inch Flat Screen Digital HDTV being the most recommended 32 inch flat screen TV in 2015 and 2016.

Gone are the days when Sony TVs were the reserve of the rich as Sony flat screen TV prices in Kenya are more affordable when you factor in its lifespan, quality and superior performance. In Kenya, Sony has several accredited shops and there is a Sony service center in Nairobi where any issues you have with your Sony TV is handled. The most recommended Sony flat screen TV in Kenya is the Sony 32 inch Flat Screen Digital HDTV.

Sony 32 inch Flat Screen Digital HDTV Review

Model Name: Sony 32R300C- 32″ – Digital HD LED TV – Black


The Sony 32 inch flat screen TV is an amazing TV with incredible features and superior performance. It is the most sold Sony flat screen TV model in Kenya in 2016. This is because it is relatively well priced as it goes for 22K. You can even get it at a lower price  if you purchase it through Jumia where they offer amazing discounts.

Key Features Of The Sony 32 Inch Flat Screen Digital HDTV

Key Features
  • Uses WXGA Display Resolution that are generate vivid clear pictures and best for HD videos
  • X-Protection Pro for solid protection against power surges, humidity, lightning and dust
  • Has an inbuilt decoder that allows you to watch free to air TV channels in HD
  • Motionflow™ XR technology that reduces motion blur for fast-moving scenes making it perfect for viewing sporting activities
  • Digital noise reduction system to enhance sound clarity
  • Advanced contrast enhancer that gives you the true contrast in pictured
  • Clear Resolution Enhancer and X Reality Pro to give crisp and high quality pictures
  • Wider viewing angle
  • Supports different picture and cinema modes for best viewing experience.
  • Clear Phase Speakers that provide for balanced and best quality sound
  • Dolby Digital Plus sound system for superior audio
  • PVR function for recording to memory stick

Sony 32 Inch Flat Screen TV Prices In Kenya

With all its superior features, you can get this TV for 22K at Jumia



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