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TV Reviews Kenya undertakes in-depth reviews of all flat screen TV brands sold in Kenya. For anyone seeking to buy a flat screen TV in Kenya online, reading our reviews will help you get a clear picture of the TV you want to purchase, its prices in Kenya and best place to buy it. You will definitely not go wrong with TV reviews Kenya.

Get in-depth flat screen TV Reviews and best TV prices in Kenya. TV Reviews and Prices in Kenya will help you find best TV deals online in 2017. Get latest TV Prices in Kenya for Samsung, Hisense, Saturn, TCL, LG, Sony, Armco, Teqworld, Lightwave, TLS, MCTV, Bruhm, Digitel, Skyworth, Toshiba. 24 inch TV, 32 inch TV, 40 inch TV, 43 inch TV, 55 inch TV, best TV in Kenya, cheap TV in Kenya, digital TVs in Kenya, flat screen TV in Kenya, jumia Kenya TV offers, best TV in Kenya 2017, jumia TV Kenya, curved screen tvs, jumia TV prices, naivas TV prices, prices of TV in Kenya, TV prices in Kenya.

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At TV Reviews Kenya, we value the privacy of all our visitors. This privacy page provides an overview of all information we collect and how we use it.

Here is a summary of our privacy policy;

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If you need more information, have feedback or any questions regarding our privacy policy, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our contact page or email at info@tvreviewskenya.com

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Just like other websites, we utilize log files. These log files just records visitor’s information which includes, browser type, IP address, Internet service provider, referring page, exit page, date and time of visit. This information is mainly used for analysis, tracking user movement in the site and gathering trends. This information can in no way be used to identify the user.

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By browsing our site, it means you agree to our privacy policy and its terms.This privacy policy has been last updated on March 25th 2018. We will post any changes, amendments or updates to this privacy policy on this page.

Affiliate Disclosure

All the TVs and any other product reviewed on this site are genuine and existent. We do not receive any financial benefit or any other incentive to review or promote a particular product. All the products reviewed and promoted on this site are chosen by us or requested by our readers.

TV reviews Kenya however gets affiliate commissions when users choose to purchase a product through our product links. No users is manipulated in any way to click our product links and it is completely up to them to decide whether they will buy a product or not.

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At TV Reviews Kenya, we are always happy to hear from you. if you have any feedback, questions or comments, get in touch with us and we will respond  as soon possible.

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