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Haier TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


Haier TV

Haier designs and manufactures TVs that meet consumers’ home entertainment at all stages of life from a student to job-entry level to family living. Each TV is a true definition of intelligence, style and technology hence bringing ease to everyday life as well as creating a perfect home. Although, a new brand in the market, its lineup particularly the latest models promise and offer excellent picture quality, display performance among other features. So, without much ado, here is a comprehensive review about Haier TVs.

Origin of Haier TVs

Haier Group Corporation is a Chinese company founded in 1984 as Qingdao Refrigerator Company. Situated in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, the company develops, designs, manufactures and sells home appliances and consumer electronics such as computers, washing machines, TVs, refrigerators, microwaves and air conditioners.

List of Haier TV Models

  • Haier 75UG6550G- 75” Smart Ultra HD Slim TV
  • Haier 65UG656550G- 65” Smart 4K Ultra HD slim TV
  • Haier 55UG6550G- 55” Smart Ultra HD slim TV
  • Haier 50UG6550G- 50” Smart Ultra HD slim TV
  • Haier 65UFC2500- 65” Curved 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Haier 55UFC2500- 55” Curved 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Haier 75UGX3550- 75” 4K Ultra HD Slim TV
  • Haier 65UGX3500- 65” 4K Ultra HD slim TV
  • Haier 55UGX3500- 55” 4K Ultra HD slim TV
  • Haier 65UG2500 – 65” 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Haier 55UG2500- 55” 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Haier 49UG2500- 49” 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Haier 43UG2500- 43” 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Haier 48G2500- 48” Full HD TV
  • Haier 40G2500- 40” Full HD TV
  • Haier 32G2000M- 32” HD TV


Key Features of Haier TVs

  • Design

One of the striking similarities between different Haier TV models is design. You wouldn’t tell a model number by just looking two models of the same screen size. The external design has a shiny black finish, round corners, and a rotating pedestal stand.

  • Picture and color temperature control features

Unlike the expected, the features of this cost-effective TV brand are not basic. The picture control has 4 preset modes, one being custom and it is adjustable. Something you will appreciate about this TV is the fact that custom is independent per input. Another advanced control is the custom color temperature setting that adjusts color temp beyond the four presets.


Why You Should Buy a Haier TV?

  • Multimedia connectivity

Haier has made sure its models are well equipped with numerous inputs. All models have HDMI ports, a VGA for analog PC input, composite AV output, S-video input, an optical digital audio output, 3.5 mm headphone jack and a USB port. This enables you to view stored media content on your smartphone or tablet on your TV screen.

  • Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)

All Haier TVs are digital. This means they have more channels for TV enthusiasts to watch compared to analog TVs. These channels are compressed together and you can view many channels in the same space that one analog channel takes. These channels also have amazing sound and picture quality not forgetting value-added services like subtitles, multiple language tracks, and electronic TV guide.

With the inbuilt decoder, you don’t have to incur additional cost when to purchase an external set-top box and install it. Moreover, you will not be paying any monthly subscription to satellite service providers to receive high definition signals.

  • Energy Efficient

TV accounts approximately 3% to 4% of annual global residential power consumption. In light of this, most TV manufacturers including Haier are now designing energy efficient TVs.  Haier TV models are EPA certified and save up to 50% energy compared to conventional TVs. In addition, when not in use the TV switches automatically standby mode where it uses only 0.5 Watts. This not only cuts down your electricity bill but also prolongs the lifespan of your TV.


It is worth purchasing a Haier TV but there are many Haier TV models in the market.  So how will you get the right model? The answer is very simple. Conducting an intensive research online will help you get the right model that suits your needs within your budget. This is because you will get to know their specifications, pros, and cons.