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Hisense TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


Origin of Hisense TVs

Hisense TV is a flagship state owned Chinese TV brand with its headquarters in Qingdao, China. Though a new TV brand, Hisense TVs has over the past 10 years transformed itself into a global TV company and has set up TV manufacturing plants across the globe including South Africa, France, Hungary and Mexico. Hisense also manufactures other home appliances including ovens, microwaves, home theaters,fridges, washing machines etc.

Hisense is currently the 3rd largest global manufacturer of TV’s with an emphasis on providing premium quality TVs. For the past 10 years, Hisense has been the leading TV brand in China. One main reason for Hisense TV becoming a global brand is their wide range of TVs, from low budget Hisense TV models to high end models.

Hisense TVs In Kenya

Hisense TV Model
HISENSE 24 inch HD LED Digital TV See Current Price!
HISENSE 32 inch HD Digital LED TV See Current Price!
HISENSE 32 inch Digital Smart HD LED TV See Current Price!
HISENSE 40 inch Full HD Digital LED TV See Current Price!
HISENSE 55 inch Digital Smart Full HD LED TV See Current Price!
Hisense TVs have hit the Kenyan market with a bang as they not only boost better technologies but are of high quality and a value for money. According to the Kenya electronic market trends 2017 survey, Hisense TV was the second most sold TV brand in Kenya in the first quarter of 2017, closely behind Samsung TVs

For several years, Kenya TV market was dominated by few established TV brands. The arrival of Hisense TVs in Kenya has broken this dominance as Hisense TV offers same better picture quality as traditional brands, have great features and way cheaper than the established Kenya TV brands.

Hisense TV Kenya are imported and distributed by Reshman International.  You can purchase a Hisense TV in accredited Hisense Tv shops or online at Hisense Jumia Kenya TV page. Hisense TV prices in Kenya are relatively affordable as you can find a 32 inch Hisense TV for less than 25K

Hisense TV Prices In Kenya

Hisense TV ModelCurrent Price In Kenya
HISENSE 24 inch HD LED Digital TVKSh 15,990 Order Now!
HISENSE 32 inch HD Digital LED TV KSh 20,990 Order Now!
HISENSE 32 inch Digital Smart HD LED TV KSh 27,470 Order Now!
HISENSE 40 inch Full HD Digital LED TV KSh 35,970 Order Now!
HISENSE 55 inch Digital Smart Full HD LED TV KSh 55,990 Order Now!

Why Buy a Hisense TV In Kenya

Here are the Key Features of Hisense TV

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Full HD LED Display
  • Dolby Digital and DBX-TV Sound Technology
  • Digital TV with Tuner for free to air channels
  • Smart TV with preinstalled aps like FB and Netflix
  • Internet and Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Accessibility Features for people with visual and hearing impairments
  • Multimedia connectivity
  • Valid Warranty and Customer Support

Full HD Picture Resolution
Hisense TVs produce pin sharp, stunningly realistic and razor-sharp images that will greatly improve your TV viewing experience. One main reason for this is that they have combined the LED display technology with great display contrast ratio, supported by a 50HZ refresh rate. This ensures picture displayed do not have motion blur and are true to life. Additionally, the Full HD resolution enhances picture quality on the screen, while allowing you to watch any content in HD.

Hisense TVs are the best suited for watching fast paced entertainment action like sports, athletics and high paced action movies. This is because they have enhanced picture clarity and free from motion blur.

hisense tv kenya

Superior Sound Quality
Hisense TVs have gone the extra mile to deliver superior sound quality for their TVs. Low budget Hisense Tv brands have Dolby Digital Sound technology to provide quality and superior audio. They also have noise filters to improve sound quality and an Automatic Volume Level(AVL) to ensure audio is properly balanced.

For High end Hisense brands, sound is managed by DBX-TV, a new audio technology solution that delivers a deep, rich and enthralling audio. With DBX-TV audio technology, one does not need external speakers. DBX-TV audio technology works in 3 ways to deliver superior sound quality. Total Sonics generates the rich, deep bass and crisp sound, Total Surround envelops the listeners while the Total Volume ensures the loudness is even.

Digital TV
All Hisense TVs in Kenya are digital TVs. Digital TVs have greater performance and can receive digital broadcast signals. With their inbuilt digital tuners, you will be able to scan and view free to air local channels. Most of Kenyan major local channels are available for free and your can watch them direct from your hisense digital tv without having to buy a decoder. In total, there are around 50 free to air channels in Kenya.

Smart TV
Most Hisense TVs sold in Kenya are smart TVs. Smart TVs support internet connectivity, browsing and streaming. With the hisense smart TV, you can stream your favourite Tv shows directly through your TV. Unlike other smart TV brands, Hisense TVs come with preinstalled apps like Facebook, YouTube and Netflix.

To improve their Smart TV platform, Hisense TVs use a interface, VIDAA U that offers a quick, organised way to access and use Hisense smart Tv features. Additionally, this new platform makes it easy for users to add their desired apps to their Hisense home screens.

Hisense Tv Review and Prices in Kenya

Multimedia Support
You can connect your Hisense TV Kenya to virtually any gadget as it has numerous multimedia ports. Hisense TVs come with 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, AV Input (Audio & Video), VGA Input, RF Tuner, Cable port and Component Input (YPbPr). Additionally, the USB port allow for plug and play, enabling you to watch your pictures or content directly from the USB port.

Hisense TV Accessibility Features
For people with disabilities, Hisense is the TV to buy as it has accessibility features for people with hearing and visual impairment. For the visual impaired, the audible speaking menu and video descriptions will help in navigation. Those with hearing impairment can rely on screen text menus features for navigation and closed captioning where subtitles are provided for TV shows

Valid Warranty and Customer Support
Once you buy a hisense TV in Kenya, you will have a peace of mind as not only do you get a one year warranty on the Tv, but you will get support in the event of technical issues. Though hisense does not have a service centre in Kenya, you can contact their main distributor Reshman International Limited in case you have any issues.

Verdict on Hisense TV In Kenya

Hisense Vs Samsung Vs LG Vs Sony

Though Samsung, LG and Sony remain the dominant and most trusted TV brands in Kenya, many middle-class Kenyans have embraced Hisense TVs. Hisense TVs are giving Samsung and LG a run for their money as they are producing high quality TVs with incredible features.

Hisense being the flagship Chinese TV brand will strive and try to beat its South Korean neighbour in the TV market. But because it is still a relatively new brand, its main selling point is largely affordable pricing

According to data from IHS research firm, Hisense ranks fourth in best tv brand worldwide, behind Samsung, Sony and LG. if you have money to spend, then you can go for Samsung, Sony and LG. however if your TV budget is tight, Hisense is the best bet. Hisense TV prices in Kenya are quite affordable. The Hisense 55 inch TV is priced the same as the LG 43 inch TV with all having similar features and picture quality.

Hisense TV Reviews In Kenya

Hisense 24 Inch HD LED TV

Key Features of Hisense 24 Inch TV

  • Display Type: LED Back light
  • Screen Size in inches:24
  • Digital TV offering free to air channels
  • Supports HD
  • Dolby Sound technology
  • Reaction time: 8.5ms
  • 1 USB and HDMI slot
  • Supports variety of image and video formats
  • 1 year Warranty

Hisense 32 inch HD Digital LED TV

Key Features of Hisense 32 inch TV

  • 32 inch LED TV
  • Wide Screen Display
  • Excellent sound system- Dolby Digital, automatic volume Level(AVL)
  • Internet ready- Ethernet port and Wi-Fi support
  • Multimedia support- 2HDMI and 2 USB ports
  • Digital ready with inbuilt decoder
  • Smart TV: Pre-installed Netflix and Apps
  • Full HD Resolution
  • Supports variety of image and video formats
  • 1 year Warranty

Hisense 40 inch Full HD Digital LED TV

HISENSE 40 inch Full HD Digital LED TV LTDN40D50TS Review and Prices in Kenya
Key Features Of Hisense 40 Inch TV

  • 40 inch LED Display
  • D-LED Technology for amazing display
  • Digital Ready with inbuilt Decoder and FM Radio
  • Dolby Digital Sound with 2.1CH Speaker System
  • Elegant Slim Design
  • Multimedia Support 

Hisense 55 inch Digital Smart Full HD LED TV

Key Features Of Hisense 55 inch TV

  • 55 inch LED Display Screen
  • Crispy And True To Life Full HD Display
  • Multimedia support
  • Hotel mode settings
  • Preinstalled video streaming services
  • Internet Ready
  • Inbuilt digital decoder
  • 1 year Warranty