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LG 55 Inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


LG 55 Inch TV Kenya

If you want to have the best TV experience and have the budget, then you should try the LG 55 Inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV. This is one of LGs best models and produces quality, bright pictures combined with amazing sound generated by virtual surround sound plus. The LG 55 Inch TV has amazing features that will surely be worth its price tag.

LG TV Prices In Kenya

LG TV ModelCurrent Price In Kenya
LG 24 Inch LED Digital HD TV Ksh 16,495 Order Now!
LG 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV
Ksh 23,799 Order Now!
LG 32 Inch HD Digital Smart LED TV
Ksh 29,000 Order Now!
LG 43 inch Full HD Digital LED TV Ksh 42,399 Order Now!
LG 55 inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV Ksh 120,000 Order Now!

Key Features Of The LG 55 Inch TV

  • Full HD 55-inch Display Screen
  • 1080p Resolution
  • 100 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 3 HMDI and 3 USB
  • Audio 2 x 10 WATTS
  • DVB T2 Digital TV
  • 178 Degree Viewing Angle
  • Color Master Engine
  • Virtual Surround
  • WebOS 3.5 Smart TV

Why Buy The LG 55 Inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV In Kenya

WebOS 3.5 Smart TV
The WebOS 3.5 Smart TV is a platform that brings together some of the world-renowned video sharing apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play and Live TV. The video-sharing apps give one access to countless movies and videos. One can easily access news and weather forecasts through the WebOS 3.5 Smart TV.

Energy Saving
The 55 inch LG TV in Kenya is one of the few TVs that have managed to earn an energy star. An energy star is only given to those TVs that adhere to the energy efficiency guidelines set by the UEPA, US Environmental Protection Agency. The UEPA guidelines describe an energy efficient TV as a TV that saves up to 27% energy regardless of usage mode; on, sleep and idle.

Virtual Surround
The LG 55 inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV has a virtual surround system that recreates real-life sounds. Watching movies or sports on your TV will never be the same again.

Mobile Connection
For a seamless convergence between your phone and the LG 55 inch TV, use your smartphone to download the LG Plus TV app, link it to your TV and brace yourself for a mind-blowing viewing experience. The LG Plus TV app allows you to display videos and photos from the phone to your TV screen.

Brighter, Vibrant Colors
Everything looks better on an LG 55 inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV screen. The skies look brighter, the sunset richer and the grass greener; this is not to be misunderstood; the LG 55-inch does not alter color or images; it instead portrays colors as they are in their original form. The TV also has a 100 Hz Refresh rate that keeps fast moving images smooth by eliminating blur which hinders clarity.

Full HD
The bright, vibrant colors on this TV help bring images to life. These outstanding colors are all thanks to the Full HD 1080p resolution and color master engine.

Metallic Design
No TV will enhance your space better than these LG TV does. This TV has a classy, creative metallic design that blends perfectly with your interior décor. The TV thickness makes it easy to mount on your walls.

Triple XD Engine
This engine works pretty much like the color master engine. The engine helps in the creation of excellent picture color, clarity, and contrast. The engine also improves TV performance.

Verdict on LG 55 Inch TV In Kenya

Even though LG TV prices in Kenya are higher, choosing to buy the LG 55 inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV is a good decision as LG TVs are a superior brand, offer customer support and you will definitely have second thoughts once you power your LG 55 inch TV.