LG TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya

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Origin of LG TVs

LG is a South Korean company that produces a wide range of electronic appliances from LG TVs to kitchen appliances. The company, whose slogan is ‘Life’s Good’ is currently the second largest TV company in the world in terms of sales. LG was founded in 1958 as Goldstar Electronic. It produced south Korea’s first TV and other electronic appliances. In 1995, it merged with Lucky Households form Lucky-Goldstar, or LG. The company is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea

LG TVs In Kenya

The Following Are LG TVs In Kenya

LG TV Model
LG 24 Inch LED Digital HD TV See Current Price!
LG 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV See Current Price!
LG 43 inch Full HD Digital LED TV See Current Price!
LG 55 inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV See Current Price!

LG TVs first appeared in Kenya in the 80’s as Goldstar. LG TVs in Kenya are distributed by LG electronics Africa. Genuine LG TV can be bought on LG authorized shops in all major cities in Kenya. In case of issues with your LG TV, you can contact LG service center located in Highway Mall, along Uhuru highway.


Why You Should Buy A LG TV In Kenya

Here are the Key Features of LG TV:

  • HD Display System
  • Smart TV- Supports Internet Connectivity
  • Wide Colour Enhancer
  • Energy Saving TV
  • Multimedia Support
  • Inbuilt Digital Turner
  • Great Sound with Auto Volume Leveller
  • Incredible Features
  • Customer Support

Reputable Brand Name

When you buy an LG TV, you are buying into a reputable TV brand name with a history of innovation and perfection in TV. Together with Sony and Samsung, LG TVs are the most trusted TV brand names in Kenya. Once you buy a genuine LG TV, you will take several years before thinking of purchasing another TV as LG TVs are of high quality and last for several years without any problems or issues. When it comes to LG TV prices in Kenya, quality outweighs cost.

Entertainment at Its Best

LG TV will transform your living room or TV area into a movie theater. You will be impressed by LG’s picture quality and HD resolution that bring pictures to life.  LG TVs are easy to operate and designed with the customer in mind.  Additionally, they come with many incredible features to give you a true entertainment experience.

Picture Quality and Sharpness

The most important factor behind choosing a television is undoubtedly the picture quality (after price, of course) which is where LG TVs rank among the best in the world and in Kenya. They are world renowned for their picture quality, sharpness and screen resolution. High picture sharpness means that you can see every detail distinctly on the LG LED TV flat screen irrespective of screen size – remember to compare this sharpness with other brands the next time you step into a store and you can easily see why LG stands out for its televisions. LG TV in Kenya also have warm and saturated colours, meaning the black is jet black and the skies are a loving cerulean blue.

Powerful Audio Quality

Coupled with a visual treat, LG TVs are also powerful for their audio strength. They have great sound system that produces deep booming audio quality and strongly complements the visuals. The larger sized LG TVs come in with a built-in sound bar that only enhances the sound quality even further.

Range of Products

While being endowed with above mentioned qualities, LG TVs in Kenya are equal in quality irrespective of size. This is unlike other brands that reserve their best quality only for their pricier versions, leaving the low-priced models considerably inferior. Be it the LG 55 inch TV decorating your hall or the LG 32 inch TV for that small space in your bedroom, LG TVs do not disappoint in quality.

Value for Money

Finally, the most important decider for a TV brand is value for money. Even though some Kenyans feel that LG tv prices in Kenya are out of reach, they are a value for money due to their high-quality features, warranty and customer support.  In the event you have an issue with your LG TV in Kenya, you can visit the LG Kenya shop where you will get all necessary assistance or the LG service center. located in Highway Mall, along Uhuru highway.

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Today, LG is known for producing the best TV in the world- LG 4K OLED TV.  The 4K TV has much more improved display, with best TV contrast and best true colours. All LG 4K TVs are smart TVs and run on LG’s WebOS Smart TV platform that comes with several apps including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, HBO and Hulu, among others.

Verdict on LG TVs In Kenya

With all its remarkable features, brand reputation and quality TVs, buying an LG TV is indeed worth it. Despite LG TV prices in Kenya being on the higher side, you can never go wrong with an LG TV.


Samsung TVs have generally a better picture quality that most LG TVs. The only LG TV that beats Samsung TV are LG OLED TVs. LG OLED TV prices in Kenya are very expensive with an LG OLED 55 inch TV costing over KSH 200,000.


Even though Sony does not offer a wide range of TVs like LG, Sony TV are generally of superior quality than LG TVs as they have better screen uniformity.

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LG TV Prices in Kenya

LG TV Prices In Kenya

LG TV ModelPrice
LG 24 Inch LED Digital HD TV Ksh 16,895 Order Now!
LG 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV
Ksh 22,999 Order Now!
LG 43 inch Full HD Digital LED TV Ksh 41,999 Order Now!
LG 55 inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV Ksh 79,999 Order Now!

LG 24 Inch LED Digital HD TV




LG 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV




LG 43 inch Full HD Digital LED TV




LG 55 inch Full HD Digital Smart LED TV