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Which Is the Best TV: LG TV vs Samsung TV vs Sony TV


LG TV vs Samsung TV vs Sony TV

Truth be told, many Kenyans regard LG, Sony and Samsung TVs as the superior TV brands when it comes to flat screen TVs in Kenya. But which among the three should you buy? With many Chinese brands flooding the market with cheap digital flat screen TVs, LG, Samsung and Sony still remain the best TV brands in Kenya and globally as they are all given a rating of A by Consumer Electronics. In terms of ranking, different reviewers and expert rank the 3 major global TV brands differently.

Samsung TV vs LG TV

Both LG and Samsung are Korean companies that have a fierce rivalry when it comes to TVs. In fact, they have at times washed their dirty linen in public with allegations and counter allegations of spying and theft of trade secrets. But which of these two Korean brands is superior? Current LG TVs run on webOS technology while Samsung TVs use Tizen OS technology.



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LG TVs are designed to provide premium cinematic experience and great functionality. To this end, LG TVs have a better TV design and contrast than Samsung. In addition, LG flat screen TVs have more features that enhance functionality and are cheaper than Samsung TVs.

LG flat screen TVs also use OLED Display technology which they believe to be the future of TV. OLED technology gives LG flat screen TVs an enhanced picture clarity and superior contrast. If you want to buy Samsung, LG or Sony TV on a budget, then it is recommended you buy an LG TV as it is cheaper than the other two. Read detailed review of LG Flat screen TVs in Kenya



Samsung TV

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Samsung TVs are considered the best LED TV makers in the world. Some of the features that give Samsung flat screen TVs its superior edge include use of noise filtering system which improves it studio, high resolution filter, humidity & surge protection and superior multimedia connectivity. Samsung TVs are considered to be better than LG TVs in terms of overall quality. With the dawn of Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs are way better than LG Smart TVs. Samsung TVs In Kenya are slightly expensive that LG TVs.



Sony TV

Anyone who was raised in Kenya in the 90s knows the superiority associated with Sony TVs. During those days Sony TVs were the preserve of the rich with the rest of us either watching Greatwall TVs or going to our neighbors to watch TV.

Truth be told Sony TVs are far more superior than LG and Samsung TVs. Sony flat screen TVs have a better display and audio quality.  In addition they have a longer lifespan to any other TV. Currently, Sony also uses propriety TV technology that gives its TVs better clarity, reduces blur in motion pictures and gives it a greater color balance. The Sony Bravia, which is a 2005 model, is still one of the best-selling Sony TV to date.

In terms of price however, Sony TVs are very expensive. This may  be the reason why they are not flying off the shelves’ in Kenyan TV shops. For anyone who wants to buy a good TV that they can use for years without any issues, then I would recommend buying a Sony flat screen TV



Verdict on LG TV vs Samsung TV vs Sony TV

No one can correctly rank the 3 TV brands using a collective ranking system. For middle range TV models, in terms of shelf life and longevity, Sony comes top. For great picture quality, Samsung comes top. In terms of pricing among the 3, LG is more pocket friendly of the 3.

The entry of LG OLED turns tables round as it has the best picture quality. However, this will not last long as Samsung unveils its new OLED TV. In my opinion, both Samsung, Sony and LG are great TVs and it all comes down to personal preference.