Home TV Reviews Lightwave 24 Inch Digital LED TV Review, Specs and Prices in Kenya

Lightwave 24 Inch Digital LED TV Review, Specs and Prices in Kenya

Lightwave 24 inch TV Kenya

Lightwave 24 Inch Digital LED TV is one of the most sold TV in Kenya in 2017. Kenyans like this TV as apart from being a pocket friendly digital TV, the Lightwave 24 Inch TV comes with incredible features, a great frame and produces high crisp clear pictures and quality sound. For anyone just starting out in life or living in small sized rooms, the Lightwave 24 inch TV is the most recommended TV for you to buy.


Key Features of Lightwave 24 inch TV Kenya

  • Excellent Picture Resolution of 1920 x 1080
  • HD Ready
  • Inbuilt Digital Turner For Free To Air Digital Channels
  • Multimedia Connectivity HDMI/USB 2.0/AV-in/VGA
  • Supports AC/DC Power
  • One Year Warranty

Why Buy The Lightwave 24 Inch TV In Kenya

Pocket Friendly

The Lightwave 24 Inch Digital LED TV is very pocket friendly as you can get this TV for around 12K depending on where you buy it. in fact, this TV makes it to the list of affordable digital TVs in Kenya

Multimedia Ports

The Lightwave 24 Inch TV has several ports including two HDMI ports, USB ports, Display Port input used for gaming, VGA and Audio ports for connecting your devices to enhance your entertainment. It has voice controlled navigation feature and an easy to use a remote control that makes you comfortable as you enjoy your home entertainment.

Picture Clarity


The 24 inch Lightwave TV has many smart features that give you an enhanced viewing experience. For instance, it has an enhanced picture resolution with better aspect and contrast ratio to make you comfortable at home.  It has an edge-lit LED backlight together with local dimming which enhances contrast.

The local dimming and backlight technology helps give you better image sharpness, color reproduction, brightness and gamma reproduction.  You can customize your home screen based on personal preferences for utilities and Apps like weather forecast, clock and calendar.  Consequently, you can switch off various home screen formats for better viewing experience. It has motion smoothing and motion flow features for accurate picture display.

The pro picture set up include LED HD color standard source and video color space control.  It also has video compression scheme that enhances video clarity. It is a full HD TV  with a maximum resolution of 1920 X 1080.

Stylish Design

The Lightwave 24 Inch Flat Screen Digital LED TV has a wide, slim design that enhances home interior decors and designs.  It comes with pre-installed speakers designed as a woofer and subwoofer to blend your room surrounding baffle.

The dynamic sound system provides great sound quality. This LED 24 inch Digital TV stand is firm with a pedestal mount. The stand has a pair of wide spaced feet as opposed to the common pedestal mount. Besides, you can adjust the mount to a narrow or wide positioning to accommodate your room furniture.

Energy Saver

The Lightwave 24 Inch Digital LED TV is an energy efficient TV which means it does not consume a lot of power and will shut down if not active for a given time.

Lightwave 24 Inch TV Prices In Kenya

The Lightwave 24 Inch TV in Kenya is an amazing TV that incorporates the latest technology into the home entertainment scene. This ensures you get more at less and enjoy cinema capabilities at the comfort of your home. The enhanced features guarantee the best viewing and utilize smart features that ensure you have a stunning picture and sound quality to give your home entertainment the best feel as you enjoy relaxing moments. The Lightwave 24 Inch  Digital LED TV is ideal for small rooms, bedsitters and offices.