Home TV Reviews Lightwave 42 Inch Digital LED TV Review, Specs and Prices in Kenya

Lightwave 42 Inch Digital LED TV Review, Specs and Prices in Kenya

Lightwave 42 Inch TV Kenya

For anyone looking for an affordable big screen TV, then the best option is the Lightwave 42 Inch Digital LED TV. This 42 inch digital TV has everything you may need in a big screen TV; its digital, supports HD resolution and offers multimedia support.


Key Features of Lightwave 42 Inch Digital LED TV

  • 42″ LED TV
  • HD resolution to give clear and crispy pictures
  • Digital TV with inbuilt digital decoder
  • Energy saving TV
  • Multimedia Connectivity-HDMI/USB 2.0/AV-in/VGA
  • Supports AC/DC Power
  • Slim and beautiful design
  • One year warranty

Why Buy The Lightwave 42 Inch TV In Kenya

Though 42 inch TV prices in Kenya are usually higher, The Lightwave 42 Inch Flat Screen Digital LED TV is the only quality 42 inch TV in Kenya that sells for below 30K. Its low price does not in any way compromise its quality as it has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from more than 200 Kenyans who have bought this TV.

Digital TV
This Lightwave 42 Inch Flat Screen Digital LED TV comes with an in-built decoder that enables you watch free to air TV channels. With this 42-inch TV, you do not need to buy a decoder, giving you further saving on your TV costs


The Lightwave 42 Inch  Digital LED TV has a narrow frame with a reflective screen that is less mirror like than many models.  It comes with a stylish stand that improves your room aesthetic design and decor. The stand is easy to install and probably the best wobbliest flat screen support. You can also choose to wall mount your Lightwave TV. The sleek elegant design enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room style and decor.

Picture Display Clarity

This 42-inch Lightwave TV has white balance adjustments with a full-color management system. It uses backlighting illumination technology to deliver perfect image clarity.  Besides, it has local dimming which improves lighting efficiency giving you better image quality that enhances your viewing of favorite sports, movies, series or TV shows.

In addition, this 42 inch LED TV uses a maximum resolution of 1920 X 1080. This ensures you get clear pictures and enjoy the best viewing experience in home videos, movies, and television shows.

Multimedia Support

Lightwave 42 Inch TV in Kenya has many ports that allow you to connect various media devices and share content. The ports include USB ports, HDMI ports, VGA ports, AV-in & out and AC/DC operation. These ports enable you to use a number of multi -media devices together with your TV to enjoy the best entertainment. Additionally, the ports are compatible with many devices and support different media devices.

Energy Efficiency

Despite its big screen, the 42 inch Lightwave TV is energy efficient meaning it consumes less energy which saves you more money in energy costs.

Quality and Enhanced Sound System

The Lightwave 42 Inch  TV uses Dolby Digital sound system to enhance audio output through a two channel PCM source.  Additionally, it has a noise filter and Automatic Sound Level that ensures you enjoy amazing audio clarity.

Lightwave 42 Inch TV Prices In Kenya