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Lightwave 50 Inch Digital Smart LED TV Review, Specs and Prices in Kenya


Lightwave 50 inch TV Kenya

For those who desire having a big screen TV for their homes or for commercial use, you should consider the Lightwave 50 Inch Digital Smart LED TV. The Lightwave 50 Inch TV in Kenya combines great features and performance to give you an excellent TV viewing experience. When compared to other 50 inch TVs sold in Kenya, the 50 inch Lightwave TV emerges top in terms of balancing between affordability and features. It has all the features one would want in a digital smart TV


Key Features of The Lightwave 50 Inch Digital Smart LED TV in Kenya

  • 50-inch LED Screen
  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Digital TV with Inbuilt Digital Turner
  • Multimedia support- HDMI/USB2.0/AV-in/VGA ports
  • Smart TV with inbuilt browser and streaming apps like YouTube and Netflix
  • Supports Wi-Fi and Internet cable for browsing
  • Energy Saving
  • Supports AC/DC power options
  • Excellent and Quality sound powered by Dolby Digital and DBX

Why Buy The Lightwave 50 Inch TV In Kenya

Excellent Picture Quality

The Lightwave 50 Inch Flat Screen Digital Smart LED TV produces clear and crisp pictures as it employs ultra-smooth motion technology to enhance its picture quality. Its 50-inch screen has a screen resolution of 1920 X 1080 that supports HD

Smart TV

This Lightwave 50-inch TV is a smart TV.  It has an inbuilt browser to enable internet browsing and comes with a number of inbuilt apps like Netflix and YouTube to enable you  stream your favourite movie or videos online. For internet connection, it has an inbuilt Wi-Fi and external internet connection port.

Digital TV with Inbuilt Digital Tuner

This 50 inch LED TV comes with a built-in digital receiver. This means that you would not need to buy a decoder to be able to watch local free to air channels.

Multimedia Support

This model comes with 2 USB, 3 HDMI and 1 VGA ports that enable you to connect your media devices such as your DVD player, flash disks, computer and sound system.  This makes it possible for you to enjoy your movies and media files via media devices.

Energy Saving

This model uses up minimal energy as it comes with an inbuilt power consumption system that monitors and regulates the TV power consumption levels. If also uses local dimming technology that dims the TV when no one is watching

Supports AC/DC Power

For people with no electricity connection, The Lightwave 50 Inch TV comes highly recommended as it supports both the AC/DC systems.

Great Sound Quality

You will love the sound quality of this 50-inch Lightwave TV. This high-quality sound is powered by Dolby Digital and DBX technology.


Lightwave 50 Inch TV Prices In Kenya

With its great features, powerful performance and affordable price, the Lightwave 50 Inch  TV is definitely value for money. For Kenyans who want a large screen TV for either commercial or home use but have a tight budget, the Lightwave 50 inch TV is highly recommended.  It is also important to note that Lightwave TVs are one of the most sold TV brands in Kenya in 2017.