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Lightwave TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya

Read our In-depth review of Lightwave TVs and get best Lightwave TV Prices in Kenya. Know origin of Lightwave TV, available TV models, features and specs of each Lightwave TV in Kenya

Origin of Lightwave TVs

Anyone who comes across Lightwave TVs usually wants to know the country of origin and manufacturer of Lightwave TV. Lightwave TV is a relatively new TV brand that is produced in Taiwan by the Lightwave Group. Lightwave Group is an electronic company that produces several other household appliances. However, global distribution and sales of  Lightwave TVs are handled by Dubai based Lightwave Global. Lightwave electronics corporation is a different company based in the US and not the Lightwave TV manufacturer as many people believe.

Lightwave TV in Kenya

The Lightwave TVs have taken the Kenyan TV market by storm since their introduction in 2016. Lightwave TV in Kenya are sold by accredited Lightwave TV dealers and online on Lightwave TV Jumia Kenya. All Lightwave TVs in Kenya are digital TVs with a few being Lightwave smart TV models. The most common Lightwave TVs in Kenya are the 24 inch Lightwave TV, 32 inch Lightwave TV and 42 inch Lightwave TV.

Lightwave TV Models Available in Kenya

Lightwave TV Model
Lightwave 24 inch LED Digital TV Get More Details!
Lightwave 32 inch LED Digital TV Get More Details!
Lightwave 42 inch LED Digital TV Get More Details!
Lightwave 50 inch Full HD Digital Smart TV Get More Details!
Lightwave 55 inch Full HD Digital Smart TV Get More Details!
Lightwave TVs have done extremely well and are among the most sold TV brands in Kenya. Kenyans have embraced the Lightwave TV even though it is not a traditional Kenyan brand.

Some of the reasons is because Lightwave TV prices in Kenya are generally affordable, are digital, come with incredible features, a great frame and produces high crisp clear pictures and quality sound. In this Lightwave TV review post, we have reviewed all Lightwave TVs sold in Kenya, giving key features, specifications, prices in Kenya and best place to buy a Lightwave TV in Kenya

Lightwave TV Prices in Kenya

Lightwave TV ModelPrice
Lightwave 24 inch LED Digital TVKSh 11,999- Order Now!
Lightwave 32 inch LED Digital TVKSh 16,999 - Order Now!
Lightwave 42 inch LED Digital TVKSh 38,999 - Order Now!
Lightwave 50 inch Full HD Digital Smart TVKSh 43,999 - Order Now!
Lightwave 55 inch Full HD Digital Smart TVKSh 53,999 - Order Now!

Key Features of Lightwave TVs

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Warranty
  • Incredible Picture Display
  • Wide Colour Enhancer
  • Supports Multimedia Connections
  • Digital TV With Inbuilt Tuner
  • Energy Saving TVs
  • Supports AC/DC power Input
  • Smart TV (In 50 inch and above)

Lightwave TV Models, Specs & Features

Lightwave 24 Inch LED Digital TV

Lightwave 32 Inch LED Digital TV

Lightwave 42 Inch LED Digital TV

Lightwave 50 inch Full HD Digital Smart TV

Why Buy a Lightwave TV In Kenya

Incredible Picture Display
One main selling point for the Lightwave TV is their incredible crisp and clear picture display that will enhance your TV viewing experience. Lightwave TV’s use LED display technology that have provide superior display. Additionally, they have HD resolution with a high picture resolution of 1920 x 1080. With such a resolution, you will definitely enjoy watching your high definition music video and movies.  While the 24, 32, 42 inch Lightwave TVs have HD resolution, the 50, 55 inch Lightwave TVs have a Full HD resolution. Full HD resolution is way better than HD resolution.

Wide Colour Enhancer
To give you brilliant colours and better contrast, Lightwave TVs use wide colour enhancers. Wide colour enhancing use digital upscaling technology to enhance image colours thus giving you stunning brighter images. To further give you an improved watching experience, Lightwave televisions have a wide viewing angle.

Supports Multimedia Connections
All common media gadgets connections can connect and work with the Lightwave TV. There are numerous multimedia ports from USB ports, HDMI ports, VGA port, AV in/out port and terrestrial cable port.  Any Lightwave TV has a minimum of 2 HDMI and USB ports, with each having their own on screen input button.

This allows you to connect to multiple devices at once and only select the one you wish to watch at any given time without having to disconnect and reconnect devices. Additionally, The TV has several inputs and you also supports different video and audio formats so as not to inconvenience you in anyway. For those who would like to record their favourite show, Lightwave TV supports PVR (Personal Video Recording) to an external device like flash or hard disk.

Digital TV With Inbuilt Tuner
All Lightwave TVs sold in Kenya are digital TVs and come with inbuilt decoders that allows one to watch free to air channels. For anyone looking for a cheap digital TV in Kenya, then a Lightwave digital TV is a sure bet. With the Lightwave TV digital tuner, you will be able get major free to air channels in addition to over 20 signet channels.

All you need to do is plug in your aerial cable and run the digital scanner for it to pick and store free to air channels. With Lightwave tv prices in Kenya being affordable, you are sure to even make greater saving if you intend not to buy a decoder.

Energy Saving TVs
Lightwave TVs are energy savers as they have inbuilt power consumption monitoring systems that ensure they use minimal power all the time and save on energy costs. When no one is watching, the TV will automatically dim its screen to save on power. It will later switch itself off.  This is a very good feature especially as many people leave their houses and forget to switch off their TVs.

Supports AC/DC Power
If you live in areas that have no power connection or use alternative energy sources, you can still enjoy watching your favourite TV shows with Lightwave. Lightwave TVs support both AC/DC power input without compromising on picture quality. This is unlike many TV brands in Kenya that when used with DC power, picture quality especially colour is affected.

Smart TV
Lightwave 50 inch TV and subsequent sizes have smart TV capabilities. This means that they support internet and WI-FI connectivity, have streaming apps like (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon) to allow you to stream your favorite TV shows and watch music videos via YouTube.

Positive Reviews
Though many Kenyans are still skeptical about the Lightwave TV brand, it has received numerous positive reviews which is an indicator that the TV is of good quality. Lightwave TV strike a balance between cost, features and quality. Lightwave TV prices in Kenya is pocket friendly as you can get a Lightwave 24 inch TV with KES 12,000. It has all the features one would desire in a TV and its picture quality is great. To anyone whose TV budget cannot allow them to go for Sony, LG or Samsung, Lightwave is the best compromise you can get.