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MCTV TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya

MCTV prices in kenya

Read our In-depth review of MCTV and get best MCTV Prices in Kenya. Know origin of MCTV , available TV models, features and specs of each MCTV in Kenya

Origin Of MCTV

MCTV is a Chinese TV brand that seeks to provide affordable but quality digital TVs to the Asian, Middle East and African market. MCTV is manufactured by Mingcai New Century Technology Company (hence the initial MCTV) based in Shenzhen China and with its global headquarters in Hong Kong. MCTV which is sometimes branded as MCV began production in 2016. With its incredible features and pocket friendly pricing, the MCTV LED TV is recommended to anyone who wants a digital TV but cannot afford to buy renowned TV brands like Sony, Samsung or LG TVs.

MCTV In Kenya

MCTV or MCV TV first appeared in the Kenyan market in 2017. MCTV is imported and distributed by BrandSmart Distributors. The most common MCV TVs in Kenya are the 24-inch MCTV and 32-inch MCTV.

MCTV Models Available in Kenya

MCTV 24 Inch Digital HD LED TV KSh 13,500 Get More Details!
MCTV 32 Inch Digital HD LED TV KSh 24,799 Get More Details!

Even though MCV TV is a new TV brand in Kenya, buying it from reputable sellers like Jumia will give you a full guarantee that your money is safe as not only does Jumia give you a one-year warranty when you buy any TV from them, but you also have a 7-day window where you can return the TV and get your full refund. One major selling point for MCTV in Kenya is price. MCTV TV prices in Kenya are very affordable as it targets low income earners looking for a quality digital TV.

MCTV Prices in Kenya

MCTV TV ModelPrice
MCTV 24 Inch Digital HD LED TVKSh 15,000 Order Now!
MCTV 32 Inch Digital HD LED TVKSh 24,799 Order Now!

Key Features of MCTV TVs

  • Digital TV with Inbuilt decoder
  • LED TV with HD resolution
  • Wide Colour Enhancer
  • Multimedia Support-HDMI, USB ports
  • Clear & Crisp Pictures
  • Energy Saving TV
  • Quality Audio powered DTS Studio Sound
  • Auto volume Leveller

MCTV TV Models, Specs & Features

MCTV 24 Inch HD LED Digital TV

mcv tv prices in kenya

MCTV 32 Inch HD LED Digital TV

mctv prices in kenya

Why You Should Buy an MCTV In Kenya

Digital TV With Inbuilt Decoder
MCTV are digital TV with inbuilt digital tuner that allows you to watch free to air TV channels. This is a great plus as one will make greater savings since the TV is cheap and no need to pay for decoders.

Clear & Crisp Pictures


MCTV uses ‎‎ Hyper Real Picture Engine technology and wide colour enhancer that generates clear and crisp pictures. You will be impressed by quality of images produced by MCTV. Additionally, the TV supports HD which means will enjoy your HD music and shows.

Positive Reviews
So far MCTV have garnered positive reviews from Kenyans who have purchased and used the TV. This builds confidence in the TV as it shows that it is a good quality TV. Combined with affordable MCTV prices in Kenya, this makes this TVs one of the best TV to buy in Kenya.

Multimedia Connectivity
You can connect your MCTV with any media device as it has several ports including 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Audio out port, Video ports, Terrestrial/ cable input port. This multimedia connections enables one to connect several devices at the same time.

Energy Saving TV
MCTV is an energy saving TV as it uses minimum power, around 0.5 watts while on standby. With ever rising energy costs, this TV is one way to guarantee your electricity bills remains low.

Quality Audio
MCTV produces quality sound powered by DTS premium sound system. In addition, it has an automatic sound leveller which ensures the sound is balanced and of good quality.

Even though you can find MCTV TV in many electronic shops in Luthuli Avenue, Nairobi, it is recommended that you buy it from Jumia Kenya as they are reputable sellers and will give you guarantees and a one-year warranty. Jumia also ahs the best MCTV prices in kenya. They also deliver the TV to your doorsteps no mater your location in Kenya.