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My Leadder TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


My Leadder TV

Nights are the best time to watch your favorite movie and TV shows or enjoy long gaming sessions after a busy day. However, such sessions could turn into long marathon eye fatigue and strain especially if your TV set has a small screen. That is where My Leadder TV comes in. The TV brand not only reduces eye fatigue but also has impressive picture quality and a wide viewing angle for a very competitive cost.  Continue reading this article for an honest and detailed review.

Origin of My Leadder TVs

Since its establishment in 1954, Leader Electronics has been designing and manufacturing high-quality products such as phones, TVs, and home appliance. With its headquarters in Yokohama City, the Japanese manufacturer makes TVs that are endorsed by consumers of all walks of life.

List of My Leadder TV models

  • My Leadder LD24T01 24” LED Digital TV
  • My Leadder LD32T01 32” LED Digital TV
  • My Leadder LD40T01 40” LED Digital TV
  • My Leadder LD24E02 24” HD LED Digital TV
  • My Leadder LD32D01 32” LED HD Smart TV

It is worth knowing how to read TVs’ model numbers.  The first two letters indicate its region while the two numbers after the prefix are the TV’s screen size. If you purchase a television in one region and move to another, it can present some difficulties but provided you get a set for your region you are good to go.

Key Features of My Leadder TVs

  • Inbuilt DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting- 2nd Generation Terrestrial)

With content creation advancement from analog to digital format, the move to digital terrestrial TVs makes sense. This allows users, to get crisp and sharp images. For instance, TV fanatics using My Leadder TV models have an advantage of an aspect ratio of 16:9 and HD format of 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution compared to 4:3 widescreen formats and 720 x 576 pixels that analog televisions have.  Moreover, you are in a position to enjoy good sound quality, EPGs (electronic program guides) and Multilanguage subtitles.

Also, with a My Leadder TV, you don’t have to purchase an external set-top box or incur monthly subscription cost to enjoy free to air channels. This makes it more cost-effective than analog televisions.

  • Performance

My Leadder TVs uses both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision depending on your favorite unit. This means you will never go short of content found on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon.  Also, the color production is amazing, great contrast, deep blacks, and very vibrant colors.

Why You Should Buy a My Leadder TV

  • Sleek Design

A nice TV together with well-arranged furniture has always been the focal point of every living room. My Ladder TVs never disappoint; they are stunning. Mirroring the design, the TV has a glass panel with very thin bezels around its screen.

Just like other popular brands, it is extremely sleek such that it almost disappears completely when looked from the side.

  • Multimedia connectivity

My Leadder TVs supports multimedia connectivity; that have ports for AV, RF tuner, SCART connector, USB, HDMI, VGA input, and headphone (3.5 mm).  With this feature, all you do is plug and view or play media from your mobile device on your TV screen. Also, you can record a live TV show to an external hard drive or USB and enjoy later using a PVR (personal video recorder).

  • Energy Efficient

All My Leadder TVs are energy star certified. This does not affect your TVs performance instead it saves you money on operating cost by the amount of energy use. Some of its energy saving features include going into standby mode (automatically) when not in use. When in standby mode, the power consumption is about 0.5 Watts.

  • Amazing Viewing angle

My Leadder TVs have incredible viewing angles and you can watch your TV from any side. Unlike many budget TVs, the image does not lose contrast, color accuracy or get dim as you stay away from the screen’s center.  This is because it makes use of IPS LCD panels.


My Ladder TVs were among the most bought television brands across the globe. One of the contributing factors could be its cost. Value is relative and can be difficult to define but this is not the case when it comes to My Leadder TVs. These TVs are of high quality and performance, smart functionality, bring cinema viewing experience right to your living room and go for a reasonable price.