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Nobel TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


Nobel TVs

Annually approximately one billion TVs are bought across the globe and due to the fierce competition, the quality of TVs are getting better every single day. With the release of Nobel TVs, gone are the days, you would spend a lot of money just to get the best and latest features.  Nobel TVs is a perfect combination of technology and style and here is a comprehensive review.

Origin of Nobel TVs

Nobel Limited is a telecom firm established in 1998 by Thomas Knobel, an entrepreneur from Switzerland. Based in Silicon Valley, USA, it is a merger of Nobel Skiodo.  From simple software to integrating technologies, Nobel provides its expertise all over the globe.

List of Nobel TV Models

Just like many popular TV brands, Nobel has released many OLED, LED, digital, HD, 4K, and smart television. They include:

  1. Nobel Skiodo 32 inch HD Ready LED Smart TV
  2. Nobel Skiodo 40 inch FHD LED TV
  3. Nobel Skiodo 42 inch 4K Ultra HD TV
  4. Nobel Skiodo 48 inch Full HD Smart Led TV


Key Features of Nobel TVs

  • Nobel TVs Design and build

Nobel TVs are sleek and have a very impressive design. They have very tiny bezels that make the display look bigger at the same time occupy very little space. When it comes to side profile, these TVs are sleek on the top but gets thicker at the bottom. This is because the sound system and ports are located at the bottom but it is still compact.

They have a plastic construction which is both sturdy and robust hence easy to handle. They are also very lightweight and can be carried around with ease.

These TVs come with a free stand in the box and is very easy to assemble. It has an exceptional style and shape and very stable and sturdy.  You can hang your Nobel TV on the wall or keep it on a tabletop on its stand.

  • Display and Hardware specifications

The resolution of a Nobel TV set is impressive; color reproduction is decent and images are sharp and crisp. It has good viewing angles but its texture have a tendency of fading away as you move away from the center. However, overall this is quite good in view of its cost.

Most of the latest versions have more ports and inputs compared to the older models. For instance, the 32 inch HD Ready LED Smart TV has a VGA port, 3 HDMI ports, and 3 USB ports where 2 are USB 2.0 while the remaining one is a 3.0 port.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry in case your remote stops functioning. On your TV’s right side, there is a key to adjust volume, change the channel, select input, and go to the menu. The TV also has 2 speakers (10 W each) that deliver very clear audio.


Why You Should Buy a Nobel TV

  • Comes with an inbuilt tuner

It is always very devastating to gaze at a blank screen merely because you have not paid your monthly subscription on time. One more interesting aspect of these televisions is the fact that you will not incur set-top box installation cost. All you need is to set up your TV and you will forever receive strong free to air signals/ transmission.

  • Smart Features

Nobel Skiodo TVs has handful features that make them HD (high definition) Smart TVs. These features include Wifi/ LAN connectivity, CAT 4 core CPU, inbuilt apps just to name a few.  These televisions can work on Android and also has Google Play application that allows you to access any app. This means you can download apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook and stream videos.  The only thing that can limit you is lack of adequate space.

Besides that, you can seamlessly cast your smartphone’s screen on your TV directly. Thanks to the wireless display feature in the settings tab.

  • Cost Effective

Many homeowners are yet to experience HD digital LED and smart televisions because they are extremely costly. Fortunately, Nobel has made it possible by launching LED Smart televisions that are pocket-friendly. Their price is outright insane particularly when compared with those designed, manufactured, and sold by their rivals.


Hopefully, this article on Nobel TVs will help you purchase the best unit. It is also important to understand the different models have different screen size, resolution, multimedia connectivity that affects their performance differently. Therefore it is your responsibility to select a Nobel TV with features that suit your budget and needs.

Enjoy viewing!