Sunday, November 11, 2018

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Buying a TV In Kenya

Though most Kenyans use TV prices in Kenya as the main factor when deciding to buy a TV, it is important to ensure you do not end up regretting your choice of TV. After analyzing the Kenyan TV market, here are tips you should consider when buying a TV in Kenya.

Where You Buy Your TV Is Important
With many counterfeit TVs in Kenya, where you buy your TV in Kenya is important.  It is advisable to only buy your TV only from authorized retailers, supermarkets and reputable online stores like Jumia. Though many shops in Luthuli sell TVs, many being genuine TVs, some shops are known to sell counterfeit TV brands. Though most of the counterfeit brands are driven by customers who want TVs at a cheaper price, customers may be duped into buying counterfeit brands thinking they are genuine. One other advantage of buying TVs from reputable sellers is that the offer genuine TV warranty and customer support.

Curved and 3D TV Are Just a Fuss
After a few years of Curved and 3D TV, many reviews have concluded that they are just a fuss and marketing strategy employed by brands to sell more TVs. Curved TVs are a “a flat-out gimmick”, very cosmetic and add no picture quality. In fact, when watching a curved TV from your couch, you may fail to notice the curve. For 3D TV, consumers did not embrace it as manufacturers had hoped.  In fact, major TV brands including Samsung and LG have recently announced a cut back in production of curved TV while completely dropping production of 3D TVs.

Always Go For A Digital TV
When buying a TV in Kenya, always go for a digital TV. Digital TVs offer great picture quality and come with inbuilt tuners that allows you to watch free to air channels without need for a decoder. One misconception Kenyans have is thinking that all flat screen TVs are digital TV. This is not true as some flat screen TVs are analog therefore you need a decoder in order to watch TV.

Smart TV Is Good But Not Important
Just like Curved and 3D TV, Kenyans today are obsessed with Smart TVs. Smart TVs offer great features including ability to connect to the internet and stream favourite TV shows from streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu. Smart TVs usually cost more, on average around KES 5000 more. If you have the money, you should definitely go for a smart TV, but be well prepared to spend on internet data as well. For Kenyans looking for a TV on budget, you can greatly save on TV costs by avoiding a smart TV. In fact, many Kenyans with smart TVs, do not actually use them.