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Saturn TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya

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Origin Of Saturn TVs

Even though Saturn TVs are unheard of in Kenya, they are a leading brand in Russia, Eastern European countries and former Soviet States. Saturn TVs and their other electronic products like washing machines, mobile phones, fridges, home and kitchen appliances are popular in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belorussia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Georgia, Lithuania and Romania.

The company is headquartered in Ukraine and has its manufacturing plants in China, Taiwan and Turkey. In these countries, Saturn TVs are popular  as they are affordable, have added features and offer 2-year warranty on their television sets.

Saturn TV in Kenya

Saturn TVs  have made a debut into the Kenyan market and is distributed by Saturn KTD group which has offices in Nairobi Kenya. This post reviews Saturn Flat screen LED TVs available in Kenya and gives recommendation on where to buy Saturn TVs in Kenya and Saturn TV prices in Kenya.

Key Features of Saturn TVs

  • Have Stylish Design
  • Support Full HD
  • Have clear images with quality contrast
  • Provide multimedia support, HDMI, USB
  • Come with 2 year warranty
  • Digital TVs with Inbuilt Tuner 

Why You Should Buy Saturn TVs

Stylish Design
Saturn TV comes with a state of the art   design that makes it fit so perfectly inside your Livingroom. It’s an aesthetic   design makes   the TV look simple yet powerful and comfortable device, this makes your Livingroom look more appealing, thanks to this persuasive design.

Support Full HD
Saturn TVs produce sharp and amazingly   clear images that greatly improve your TV viewing experience. Thanks to its combined LED display technology, that ensures   pictures   displayed are crystal clear. The   Display technology available, surpasses video quality, and sharpness of the original technology, providing   an image resolution   that is more clearer and sharper, enabling you to watch any content in HD. Furthermore, fast-paced entertainment like sports, movies will not pass you by, with their enhanced picture quality you will not face anywhere else.

Crisp and Clear Images with Quality Contrast
Saturn TV comes with   high end crisp and clear images, that are not only comfortable   for viewing but also produce images that will leave your eyes glued   to the television   screen. This feature allows images to be more distinguishable and quite appealing   to   the viewer, not forgetting the darker areas that you’d think you would not see, this is due to   the high-quality contrast it has, making you spend more time in your Livingroom.

Provide Multimedia Support
You can connect your Saturn TV Kenya to possibly any gadget as it has numerous multimedia ports. Saturn TVs come with HDMI ports, USB ports, AV Input (Audio & Video), VGA Input, RF Tuner, Cable port and Component Input (YPbPr). furthermore, the USB port allow for plug and play, enabling you to watch your pictures or content directly from the USB port. This makes your viewing   experience more universal and   enjoyable.

2 Year Warranty
The Saturn TV comes with a 2-year warranty. This gives you a peace of mind as you continue enjoying   everything it has in store for you. If you encounter any technical issues within the   that time span, you will  be catered for without any difficulties.

Digital TV with Inbuilt Tuner
The Saturn TV comes with an inbuilt decoder. and this means you will not need to purchase an external decoder because the inbuilt one is able to receive strong signals without any reception issues. Additionally, one can also listen to different radio stations through their TVs. You can also scan and view free to air channels without having   to buy a decoder thus pocket –friendly and at the same time very enjoyable.