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Saturn TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


Saturn Flat Screen TVs

ORIGIN Of Saturn TVs

Even though Saturn TVs are unheard of in Kenya, they are a leading brand in Russia, Eastern European countries and former Soviet States. Saturn TVs and their other electronic products like washing machines, mobile phones, fridges, home and kitchen appliances are popular in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Belorussia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Georgia, Lithuania and Romania.

The company is headquartered in Ukraine and has its manufacturing plants in China, Taiwan and Turkey. In these countries, Saturn TVs are popular  as they are affordable, have added features and offer 2-year warranty on their television sets.

Saturn TV in Kenya

Saturn TVs  have made a debut into the Kenyan market and is distributed by Saturn KTD group which has offices in Nairobi Kenya. This post reviews Saturn Flat screen LED TVs available in Kenya and gives recommendation on where to buy Saturn TVs in Kenya and Saturn TV prices in Kenya.

Key Features of Saturn TVs

  • Have Stylish Design
  • Support Full HD
  • Have clear images with quality contrast
  • Provide multimedia support, HDMI, USB
  • Come with 2 year warranty
  • Digital TVs with Inbuilt Tuner 


saturn tvs

The Saturn 49 Inch Flat Screen LED TV is a powerful TV that combines impeccable features with and aesthetic design. With the Saturn 49 Inch flat screen TV, you will appreciate its quality and clear pictures, excellent sound and minimalist design

Why You Should Buy the Saturn 49 Inch LED TV

  1. 49 inch display that uses LED technology to produce Crispy and clear picture
  2. Slim and Stylish design that attract the eye
  3. Supports HD content
  4. Supports several video and audio formats
  5. Several ports including 2 HDM. I USD, 1 VGA port and AV in
  6. Affordable compared to other TVs in its class
  7. Come with 2-year warranty

SATURN 49 Inch TV Prices in Kenya