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Sayona TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


Sayona TV

Sayona is one the renowned electronic brands and has been at the forefront of amazing TV designs for several years.  The firm manufactures different types of TVs from LED to OLED to 4K models.  All these models produce bright whites, deep and dark blacks and color tone subtlety.  For more information here is a review that focuses on the general brand specifications set within the Sayona manufacturer settings.

Origin of Sayona TVs

Everything about Sayona TV models is well-made from design to performance. The brand is also very affordable compared to other LED and OLED TVs.  Established in early 1992, Ninja Group of Companies has always given its customers the best products at competitive prices.  Its headquarters are in the United Arab Emirates. The company is also renowned for producing home appliances.

List of Sayona TV Models

  1. Sayona 20 inch LED Digital TV
  2. Sayona 24 inch LED Digital TV
  3. Sayona 32 inch HD LED Digital TV


Key Features of Sayona TVs

  • Picture quality

Sayona TV’s pictures are very sharp and crisp for such an affordable TV set displaying every detail, contrast and color richness; features that were once associated with high-end HD televisions.

Its ability to handle color greatly contributes to the exceptional sense of detail and clarity. The screen delineates a color subtlety tone and range that goes beyond what is expected for its price.

In case, you are watching a standard definition content with little balanced natural light you can turn off the Vivid Color feature to improve the situation.

  • Web Browser

Every Sayona smart TVs have a well-integrated Firefox operating system that is very simple and intrusive to use. The browser allows you to use every application and on-demand service you need. You don’t have to feel left out because your TV set is not smart; you can easily install a separate streaming player like Roku and appreciate the smart features.

  • Navigation

When it comes to navigation, you will get an ergonomically shaped remote control with a touchpad in the box. The remote is very responsive, reliable and has very useful features like a dedicated button for Netflix.


Why You Should Purchase a Sayona TV

  • Design

Sayona TV models are no-nonsense as far as the TVs’ look is concerned.  They have sleek panels and rounded edges. The back of the panel is made of plastic and has main processing connections, numerous speakers, and connections.

The stand is very basic but very functional. Essentially, what matters is the bracket that is attached to the VESA mounting points on the TV’s back to which the flat pedestal is attached.

Overall, the look is more serious, practical, and professional than stylish.

  • Sound Quality

The inbuilt speakers deliver superb sound quality. The noise-free precision stands out. Despite originating from the back every detail is produced without any noise issue like overstressed bright highlights, edge enhancement, and over-enthusiastic grain.

You can also choose to add a surround mode when watching epic TV shows and movies; it enhances width and spaciousness as well as boosts the treble and bass. However, it sounds artificial. It is, therefore, advisable to stick with the inbuilt speakers for everyday watching.

  • Upgradeable TV OS

Sayona TVs run an upgradeable operating system; the TV refreshes and installs a new software automatically once its OS becomes outdated. This makes your viewing experience fun, interesting and colorful.

  • Reduced Power consumption

Do you know, this TV uses only 65Watt per hour which is the same as power consumed by five bulbs in every household? This means the TV saves approximately 50% energy in comparison to convention TVs.

  • Digital

This is one of the most sensible reasons why you should consider purchasing a Sayona TV. All Sayona TV models are digital; they receive their TV signals/transmissions in a digital manner. They also come with an inbuilt decoder and you don’t have to purchase an external set-top box to watch your favorite TV shows or movies.

This, as a result, allows you to receive better sound quality, high definition picture and more free to air channels than before.  You can also listen to different radio stations through your TV. In addition, the platform allows you to access the internet and even enjoy on-demand services like Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime through your TV set.


Overall, Sayona TV models are good and best suit TV enthusiasts who prefer consistency and picture immersion to aggression. Happy viewing!