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Shaani TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


Origin of Shaani TV

Shaani TV in Kenya

Shaani   TVs   in Kenya are   slowly   gaining   momentum, but only   the      and   the   19 inches   are available. You can get them online from jumia   at very affordable prices. One thing   about   this TVs is that they are very cheap and can be afforded by many people in Kenya, thus pocket -friendly. It has received   positive     outlook   from   many   Kenyans, and   many of them are heading to buy them. It is a wonderful   brand for anyone looking    for   a pocket –friendly but comfortable   and   enjoyable   experience. Starting   from   its   picture   quality, to its incredible wide   color enhancer, it’s probably what you need.

Shaani TV Prices In Kenya

Here are Key Features of Shaani TV in Kenya.

  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Wide Color enhancer
  • Support Multimedia Connectivity
  • Digital with inbuilt tuner
  • Energy Saving


Why Buy Shaani TV in Kenya

Outstanding Picture Quality

One   of   the   main   factors    about the Shaani TV   is   that   it   has   hyperreal   engine   that   improves the   quality   of any image, making   the pictures and   images unrivaled   and   unbelievably   clear. It also has   a resolution   of 1,366 x 768, that enables   crisp   and clear   picture   display.

Its   design   of   a   bezel   screen   display surrounds   the   screen, making   images look clearer.

Wide   color   Enhancer

The   wide color enhancer, available   in this brand   is   responsible for   drastically   improving the quality of any   image and uncovers   hidden details, other than that it delivers more rich and diverse courthouse making your viewing experience   more   real   and outstanding, presents   a wider color for   richer presentation.


Due to   Multimedia support, you can   connect your TV   to   any   gadgets due to various   multimedia   ports such   as HDMI   Portus   Portsea input, Cable input, this allows            you to connect to   multiple   devices and only choose the one   you   want   to   watch   anytime, without   having to reconnect     and connect   devices. Furthermore, it has    several   inputs that support   audio video formats   whenever   you need   them. Additionally, it has a minimum of 1 USB and 1 hemi ports, with each having their own screen input button. This makes the experience of watching TV more    outstanding and quite thrilling too.


Energy Saving

Shaani   TVs   have   energy   saving   tips   due   to their   power   consumption   methods, this enables them to save   available   energy, and minimize   wastage   of   available energy, and save on energy   costs. The standby power consumption   enables the TV to conserve energy when not in use thus being energy sufficient.

Digital Clean View

. This feature   helps   in Preventing   unwanted   noise   to affect   picture   quality. The   most fascinating   thing   is    that it   has   auto noise-removal   technology   that   removes digital   and analog noise from your   TV screen, thus making   your watching   more relaxing, comfortable   and serene.


Digital TV

For   anyone looking for a cheap   digital   TV, then   Shaani Tv is   what   you need. This allows you to watch    Free-to -air channels. It stores Free-to –air channels from the cable and allows you to watch channels   without a decoder thus   saving on costs.