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Skytop TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


Skytop TVs

Skytop TVs are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after televisions in 2018. While this may be as a result of its pocket-friendly cost, it offers stunning contrast ratio with very deep blacks that make your normal TV content look fantastic on your screen. This brand also delivers very fast refresh rate, wide color gamut, and 10-bit color. In short what you get with a Skytop TV is exactly the same display and performance specification of high-end TVs from its rivals. Check out the honest and in-depth review below for all specifications.

Origin of Skytop TVS

With its headquarters based in Hong Kong, Skytop International Holding Limited is the manufacturer of Skytop TVs. Founded in 2006, the company is also a subsidiary of China Oil and Gas Group Limited.

List of Skytop TV models

  1. Skytop 24D7- 24 Inch LED Digital TV with an inbuilt decoder
  2. Skytop 17 D5 Digital- 17 Inch LED Digital TV with an inbuilt decoder
  3. Skytop 17LN49- 17 Inch LED Digital TV with an inbuilt decoder
  4. Skytop ST-26D7- 26 Inch LED Digital TV, Black
  5. Skytop 32 Inch LED Digital TV with an inbuilt decoder

Key Features of Skytop TVs

  • Stunning Physical design

First and foremost, Skytop TVs are one of the best-built televisions. They are not only good looking for their sleek appearance but also very sturdy.  They also come with support stands that are both robust and narrow enough to fit in a wide range of table tops (there are two types of stands depending on the model).

The TV sets have thin borders which are approximately 0.5 inches wide. This creates an impression of watching a floating window (when mounted on a wall) rather than the actual display especially when watched in a dark room. The body is made of metal and has a shiny metallic finish.

  • Outstanding color delivery

All Skytop TV models have superb color delivery. This means videos from hard media sources such as Blu-rays or streaming have richer, more vibrant viewing experience that makes you appreciate the difference between content from conventional TV.

Moreover, these TV models deliver very appealing deep black levels. Although the TV panel is vertically aligned, it manages to produce an exceptional level of contrast and black uniformity; it has backlighting. This makes the dark scenes in a movie look good even in a well-lit room despite the lack of local dimming.

Why You Should Purchase a Skytop TV

  • Gaming

One of the main reasons why you should buy a Skytop TV is the incredible level of performance as far as gaming is concerned. Unlike its rivals, it has very low input lag when in both PC and gaming mode. In addition, it has a wide range of color support and incredible resolution.  For instance, a TV with a resolution of 1080 pixels has a refresh rate of 60 Hz hence delivering the same experience as Microsoft Xbox one X, PlayStation 4 pro and Microsoft Xbox one S.

  • Multimedia connectivity

All multimedia connectivity ports can be accessed with ease. They are located vertically on one side of the TV so you don’t have to go behind the TV looking for them.

USB, VGA, RF input or HDMI are standard ports on most PC and they are quickly becoming available on other devices like TVs and DVDs. Since every Skytop TV comes with these ports, you can view your photos, videos, music and other media content stored on a mobile device on your TV.

For instance, you can connect the USB hard drive to the screen by:

  1. Locating the USB port at one side your TV and inserting the external hard drive on the TV
  2. Then press the ”Input” button your remote control and choose “USB”. This will bring up all the USB content on the screen.
  • One year warranty

All Skytop TVs come with one year warranty and that means the products are genuine. Generally speaking, any manufacturer with robust and high-quality products will stand behind with pride and offer a warranty.


Clearly, Skytop TV models have an ergonomic and stylish look with functionality and would look great in any home entertainment space. But it is important to understand, the above article gives a general review of Skytop TV. Therefore, ensure you read as many reviews as possible to get your preferred TV model. This will help you make an informed decision.