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Skyworth TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya



For close to a decade now, Skyworth TVs have taken the global market by storm. This can be attributed mainly to high-quality products made with brilliant and durable materials. Moreover, these TVs are very pocket-friendly compared to other brands of the same class. Skyworth televisions have outstanding displays and in its product line up, it have LED and LCD TVs, digital, smart, curved and 4K televisions.

Skyworth TVs Origin

The leading TV manufacturer in question was founded in 1988 and its headquarters are situated in Shenzhen High Tech Industrial Park (China’s Silicon Valley), China. With over 20, 000 employees, Skyworth prides itself as a large-scale company engaging in research, development, and manufacturing of security monitor, digital set-top boxes, washing machines, refrigerators, smartphones, TVs, and other consumer electronics. After providing brilliant display product with competitive prices for more than 2 decades, Skyworth has one of the top 10 color television brands across the globe besides been ranked top 100 electronic manufacturers in China.  It was also awarded as China’s AAA credit standing company in 1995.

List of Skyworth TVs

  1. Skyworth 24E2000- 24”
  2. Skyworth 32E200-32”
  3. Skyworth 49E200A- 49”
  4. Skyworth 43E200A-43”
  5. Skyworth 55G7200-55”, 4K
  6. S9300 Series OLED-65”
  7. Air series
  8. E200A series- 50” and 55”
  9. E4000 series- 32”, 40”, 43”, and 50”
  10. W2100 – 32”, 24”
  11. W400A-32”
  12. E3000 Series-32”.40”, 43” and 49”
  13. E6000 4H UHD TV
  14. W2000 LED TV-29”, 32”


Key Features of Skyworth TVs

  • Performance; sound and picture quality

Most of the Skyworth TVs have 3 points channel digital system and Dolby pro logic surround that offer amazing family sound effect bringing cinema experience to your living room. This makes color transition process clearer, sharper and perfect reproduction.

  • LED Local dimming

Using the new matrix backlight technology, everything on your screen is bright, delivers color accuracy, and wide viewing angle for contrast. This is because the technology enhances contrast making the backlit brightness adjust automatically hence images with brighter whites and deeper blacks.

To use LED Local Dimming, go to the ”Menu”, select ”Picture” and finally your preferred level of LED Local Dimming. You can select off, low, medium, and high.

Moreover, most of the latest models go beyond enjoying your favorite TV show with smart features like gaming, watching videos, surfing the internet, and video chatting via Skype.

  • Fast refresh rate for fast action

In some TVs, many notice blurring during fast actions like games and sports. To ensure clients are getting clear images, Skyworth TVs have included a setting that increases your TV’s refresh rate.

Why You Should Buy a Skyworth TV

  • Sleek Design

Skyworth TV models have very sleek panels and they look sophisticated. Installing one in your living will not only boost the interior décor of your living room but also makes your friends and family become envious of you. It is also very easy to install since you can place it on a top table using its stand or mount it stylish on your wall.

  • Digital TV

With a Skyworth TV, you can enjoy more than 200 free to air channels without installing a separate decoder. This is because all Skyworth television models are digital and come with an in-built set-top box. This saves you huge sums of money to purchase the decoder, installation fees, and installation cables not forgetting the monthly subscriptions.

  • Multimedia Connectivity

With technological advancement today, TVs are no longer used to enjoy TV channels only but also allow other functionalities. As a result, all Skyworth TV models have numerous connectivity options. They include USB, VGA, HDMI (high definition media interface), and RF input. With the USB connectivity, you can connect your hard drive to your TV and enjoy media content stored on your big screen. HDMI technology, on the other hand, enables you to connect your Xbox or PlayStation directly to the TV or use your TV as a monitor when the TV is connected directed to your CPU.

  • No audio shakes

Unlike many cost-effective TV sets, Skyworth TVs have deep bass sound like those of thunderous explosions on soundtracks. Their sound quality does not generate any distracting distortion and the volume can be increased to fill an average living room.


As mentioned earlier, Skyworth has both small screen size HD and UHD TV models with amazing specifications. All these sets use world-class and latest technology and you don’t have to sell one of your kidneys to purchase one.