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TCL 55 inch Smart Digital Curved TV; Review, Specs & Prices In Kenya


TCL 55 Inch Smart Digital Curved TV

Once again, TCL has come out with another smart digital TV, the TCL 55P1CFS- 55 inch Smart Digital Curved TV model. It is one of the most cost-effective smart TVs on the market currently. Of course, a model from such a renowned electronic brand name is always going to deliver the best. The TCL 55 inch TV is an exceptionally smart television that offers the most sought-after performance and features when it comes to smart curved digital TVs. It embraces a sleek design that creates a sense of calmness, easiness and brings energy to your lounge room. It also offers high contrast and vivid images.

TCL TV Prices In Kenya

TCL TV ModelCurrent Price In Kenya
TCL 24" - Full HD Digital LED TVKSh 12,700 Order Now!
TCL 28" - Full HD Digital LED TVKSh 15,799 Order Now!
TCL 32" - Full HD Digital LED TVKSh 18,499 Order Now!
TCL 32" - Full HD Smart Digital LED TVKSh 22,999 Order Now!
TCL 40" - Full HD Smart LED TV KSh 30,000 Order Now!
TCL 40" - Full HD Smart Digital LED TV KSh 34,499 Order Now!
TCL 48" –Full HD Smart Digital Curved LED TV KSh 46,999 Order Now!
TCL 55" - Full HD Smart Digital Curved LED TV KSh 69,999 Order Now!

Key Features Of TCL 55 inch TV

  • 55” screen size
  • Curved design
  • Resolution of 1920*1080 pixel
  • Smart TV with quad-core processor
  • CPU Quad
  • Motion rate of 100Hz CMI
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • A/V IN
  • Headphone out
  • Component In

Why Buy A TCL  55 inch Smart Digital Curved TV

Smart TV

TCL 55 Inch TV is a smart TV with the ability to access many TV channels without having a TV antenna or cable/satellite subscription service. It can also be connected to the internet using inbuilt Wi-Fi and access streaming media services, run entertainment apps, and web browsers.

CPU Quad

TCL 55P1CFS- 55 inches Smart Digital Curved TV has a fast processor rate. Think it in terms a laptop’s processor; the faster the processor the better the functionality of your laptop (your smart TV uses the same principle). The more powerful the processor is, the faster your TV shows, games, music, and videos are ready for use on your TV. Multitasking is also made easy with a better processor. You can tweet while watching a football match. You will also realize that it is very easy to load apps.


All TCL model TVs come with GoLive streaming service.  GoLive is an international video entertainment platform that offers a wide range of content from all over the globe to any virtually connected television. With a focus on Chinese and other international content, GoLive has a robust content lineup of more than 3,000 streaming channels with movies, videos, music, and TV shows. Available in six different languages, viewers can experience truly worldwide entertainment.

Wide Viewing Angle

Another major benefit is viewing angle. It is believed that curved televisions have wider viewing angle and it is easier to see an image clearer from off to the side. You will also notice that the sides of the screen do not darken from the narrow viewing angle which is a common phenomenon with flat screens.

Netflix inbuilt

The TCL 55-inch Smart Digital Curved TV comes with an inbuilt Netflix so you don’t have to worry about lots of commercials that interrupt your favorite movie or show. You will also find a broad range of original movies, documentaries and TV shows in the library. You can allow download the media and watch them offline at your leisure time.

High Refresh Rate

This TV has a high refresh rate that provides smooth animation and faster movements. This makes it ideal for watching sports and gaming since it reduces the blur and stutter.

Supports USB PVR (personal video recorder)

The 55 inch TCL 55P1CFS Smart Digital Curved TV support PVR which is a processor-based application that handles digital data and records it. With the PVR you can skip ads while recording as well record a show on a TV channel other than the one you are watching.