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TCL TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya

TCL TV Prices in Kenya

Intro: TCL TVs In Kenya

TCL which stands for The Creative Life is a well renowned global TV brand. It first appeared in the Kenyan market in 2012 and has since grown to become a common TV brand in Kenya.

In 2017, it was the top selling TV brand in Kenya. If you are searching for a TV in Kenya, whether on budget or not, you cannot overlook this TV. The TV is sold and distributed by several accredited TV shops in Kenya.  Go Straight To TCL TV Shop!

TCL TV prices in Kenya are generally affordable thus a key selling point in addition to its superior quality. In this article, we have reviewed TCL TVs in Kenya, its origin, available models, their full specs and an updated price list.

TCL TV Prices In Kenya| January 2019

TCL TV ModelPrices
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TCL 32 Inch HD Digital LED TV See Price!
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TCL 49 Inch Full HD Smart Curved TV See Price!
TCL 55 Inch Full HD Smart Curved TV See Price!

Origin of TCL TVs

TCL TV or simply ‘The Creative Life’ is a Chinese TV brand that has over the years grown into a global trusted TV brand.  Founded in 1981 by its current chairman Li Dongsheng, the company has its headquarters in Huizhou, China.

In addition, it has a network of business offices and research centers throughout the globe. it is currently one of the largest TV brands worldwide. By 2016, they had sold over 20 million TV sets worldwide with North America and Asia being their biggest market.

They have a wide range of TVs from 20-inch TVs to the absurd 85-inch TV. You will also find TVs with 3D, HD, 4K, curved and smart TV capabilities.

TCL is associated with quality and affordable TVs. One reason they have manged to maintain pocket friendly prices for their TVs without compromising quality is because they are a fully vertical integrated TV company.

Vertical integration means the company makes every part of the TV themselves and control the entire production line. There is no service center for TCL TV in Kenya, but their dealers can effectively deal with any issues you may have. If you have a warranty on your TV, you will get a replacement TV in case of serious malfunctions.

The TV has won several accolades globally including being named Best TV in 2014 by PC Mag, 2014 & 2015 Editor’s Choice TV Award. WIRED magazine also gave TCL TV a 5-star review, quoting that  “ this is the first smart TV worth using”

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Detailed Review Of TCL TVs In Kenya

Display and Interface
TCL TVs come in different screen sizes- from 24 inch to 55 inch display. They use LED display technology to produce crisp and bright images with great contrast. This makes it a great choice for gaming, movies and sports as it has no blurry images.

In terms of display resolution, its less expensive models come with HD display resolution with mid-range models having Full HD resolution. Premium versions have 4K UHD resolution. The TV also boasts wide viewing angles that enhances your viewing experience.

TCL TVs have a sleek and beautiful design, making it a perfect addition to your living room or office, whether wall mounted or left standing on its quad pedestal stand. Additionally, its greater energy efficiency ensures your power bills remain low.

Ports and Connectivity
All TCL TVs come with several connectivity options including HDMI, USB support. VGA, PC IN and component video input ports. You can connect all your multimedia devices at once and switch to your desired device using the input button in the remote control.

Midrange and high end models have internet connectivity via Wi-Fi and Ethernet port. They also have Bluetooth connectivity and MHL support for efficient file transfer. Most TCL TVs sold in Kenya have PVR function that enables you to record your favorite program in an external device.

Digital TV With Inbuilt Digital Tuner
All TCL TVs sold in Kenya are digital TVs. This means that they have an inbuilt decoder that allows you to watch free to air channels in Kenya without having to buy a decoder. In addition, In Kenya, most free to air channels include all major local TV stations and signet channels.

All this give you at least 30 free to air channels that you can watch from your TV. Furthermore, recent smart TV models sold in Kenya come with Go Live App that allows one to watch free to air channels from all over the world via the internet.

Smart TV
Most TCL TVs  from the 32 Inch and above are smart TVs.  Smart TVs support internet connectivity and allow one to stream and watch their favorite shows via the internet. TCL smart TVs are integrated with Roku, an entertainment app that allows you to stream movies, sports and favorite shows directly on your TV.

Roku comes with some of the best streaming services including Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and ShowTime. You can also watch your favorite music videos via YouTube

TCL TV Kenya

All TCL TVs come with two inbuilt speakers that are powered by Dolby Digital Plus technology that ensures good quality sound output. While low end models have two speakers of 5Watts each, high end models come with two speakers of up to 16 Watts audio output.

Other audio features include Auto volume leveler for sound balance, has multiple sound modes and amplified audio output. High end TCL TV models also support Bluetooth sound play mode.

TCL TV Prices in Kenya
When compared to TVs of the same quality and specs, TCL TV prices in Kenya are pocket friendly. In Kenya, you can easily get a 32-inch TV with a budget of around KES 20.000. TCL have managed to be keep prices low due to their policy of vertical integration. Here everything is produced in house thus keeping production costs low and benefit passed on to consumer.

One Year Warranty
To enhance confidence in their brand, all TCL TVs come with a one-year warranty. This means that your TV will be replaced in the event of any technical issues within a year of purchasing it. Additionally, Each TV also comes with a user manual to help one understand how to use the TV.

Biggest plus point for TCL TVs is its value-for-money. They are high quality products made using latest technology and features at an affordable price. Buying a TCL TV in Kenya is a safe bet as the TV has excellent reviews, good quality and TCL TV prices in Kenya is relatively cheaper.