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Tesla TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


Origin of Tesla TV

For anyone who is looking for an affordable and quality TV in Kenya, there is a new brand in town, Tesla TV. Many Kenyans on hearing this new TV brand will have questions like; who is Tesla TV manufacturer? Where is Tesla TV country of origin? Or even where are Tesla TV made? Well, Tesla TVs country of origin is Serbia. Tesla TV is owned by Comtrade ground, A leading technology and consumer Electronics company in Serbia. Comtrade is headquartered in Belgrade Serbia, though they have a TV plant in China where Tesla TVs are manufactured.

Tesla TV in Kenya

Tesla TVs are a new brand in Kenya. Tesla’s goal is to have every home in the world have access to a quality and affordable TV. This is the main reason why most of their TVs are pocket friendly. Tesla LED TVs first appeared in Kenya in November 2017 and are supplied and distributed by Tesla Limited Kenya. You can also buy this TV online from Tesla TV Jumia Kenya page. Because they are a new brand in Kenya, Tesla TVs have an introductory offer where you can get incredible deal when you buy a Tesla LED TV.

Tesla TV Prices In Kenya

Tesla TV ModelPrice
TESLA 32 Inch Digital HD LED TVKSh 15,499 Order Now!
TESLA 40 Inch Digital HD LED TVKSh 27,999 Order Now!

Key Features Of Tesla TVs in Kenya

  • Digital TV
  • Excellent Picture Display
  • Multimedia Connectivity
  • Pocket Friendly TV
  • PVR Recorder
  • Hotel Mode
  • Dolby Surround Sound
  • Noise filter
  • Energy saving TV

Why Buy A Tesla TV In Kenya

Digital TV
All Tesla LED TVs in Kenya are digital TVs, meaning you get a clearer signal via digital broadcasting and have an inbuilt digital decoder that allows you to watch free to air TV channels. With this TV, you do not need to buy a decoder, thus making great savings on your TV purchase.

Excellent Picture Display
When you power up your Tesla TV after purchase, you will immediately notice its superior picture quality, just like you’d expect in high end TV models. Tesla have life like color, combined with sharp contrast to ensure highest picture standards. Furthermore, this TVs are HD, making then great for watching your favorite movies and shows.

Multimedia Connectivity
You can connect any multimedia device with your TV. The TV has 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port and several other ports that ensure inter connectivity with other devices. Additionally, you can play a wide variety of file formats on your Tesla TV as it supports different file system playback. With its PVR function, you can record live TV on USB, to watch later. This will ensure you do not miss any of your favorite TV shows.

Pocket Friendly TV
Tesla TV prices in Kenya are very pocket friendly. They are currently among the top cheap but quality LED TVs in Kenya. Combined with incredible features, this TV is perfect for anyone looking for a quality digital TV on budget. Tesla 32 inch TV whose selling price is KES 20,000 has an introductory offer of KES 15,000. The Tesla 40 inch with a selling price of KES 40,000 had an introductory offer of KES 24,000

Energy Saving TV
Tesla TVs consume less power as they are energy efficient with an energy rating of 6. Unlike other TVs that use more power during start up and running, Tesla TVs only consume 50W of power which is significantly lower than other TVs. With this TV, you can be sure of paying less when it comes to electricity bills.

Quality Sound 
One thing you can never doubt is the enhanced and quality sound of Tesla LED TVs. It comes with noise filter that ensures controlled and a balanced audio. For music and movie lovers, Tesla employs Dolby digital surround sound technology that ensures you are glued to your screen.

Verdict on Tesla TV

With their great introductory offer, this is the right time for anyone seeking a 40 inch TV to get one. Have no doubts when buying a Tesla LED TV in Kenya  as Jumia have a 7 day return policy and also give you a one year warranty. In addition, current Tesla TV reviews in Kenya are positive and the TV is fast becoming one of the most sold TV in Jumia Kenya