TLS 32 Inch Curved Screen Digital HD TV Review and Prices in Kenya

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TLS 32 Inch Curved Screen kenya Having a curved TV is not only ‘cool’, but also enhances your TV watching experience as curved TVs  give you a wider viewing angle, immerses you into what you are watching as you feel the TV is wrapped around you in addition to delivering a  more focused and  comfortable images for the eyes. For Kenyans who desire owning a curved TV, get the TLS 32 Inch Curved Screen Digital HD TV that has an introductory offer price of 20K

Key Features
  • 32 Inches Curved Display Screen
  • Crisp clear images with great contrast
  • Digital TV with inbuilt digital turner for free to air channels
  • Supports HD
  • Multimedia connectivity – USB, HDMI, VGA ports
  • Supports Live TV recording
  • Quality Audio powered by Clear Voice II technology
  • Different picture and sound modes
  • One year warranty

TLS 32 Inch Curved Screen Digital HD TV

Model Name: TLS TLS-U32 – 32″ Curved Screen – LED Digital HD TV

Curved TV Experience

Your TV watching experience will definitely improve with a curved TV. Today Curved TV is the new flat. No matter its positioning in your living room, you will have a balanced and uniform viewing no matter your seating angle.

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Stunning and Clear Display

The TV generates brilliant and razor clear images free of motion blurs. This is possible as it uses the D-backlit LED technology. The TV also supports HD as it has a display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It also has one of the best TV contrasts.

Multimedia Connectivity

This TV comes with a number of ports to support any device you have. It has 2HDMI ports, video cable ports, 2USB ports, terrestrial cable port and a VGA port.

Digital TV

The TLS 32 Inch Curved Screen Digital HD TV is a digital TV and comes with an inbuilt digital turner that allows you to watch free to air channels without having to buy a decoder.

TLS 32 Inch Curved Screen Digital HD TV Prices in Kenya


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