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TLS TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya



TV shoppers in search of budget-friendly units have increasingly embraced the newer TV brands like TLS.  They came in and took the market by storm with their outstanding features. Compared to other renowned brands it is very cost-effective. A TLS TV has a great operating system; it is upgradeable, intuitive and comes with all the apps that many TV enthusiasts love.  Moreover, these TV sets have very good viewing angle and refresh rate making them ideal for gaming and sports watching.

Origin of TLS TVs

TLS TVs are manufactured by TLS International.  With its headquarters in Canada, the technology company has been solving lighting challenges for many years.

List of TLS TV Models

  1. TLS 32 inch LED Digital TV
  2. TLS 32 inch LED Digital smart TV
  3. TLS 32 inch LED Digital curved TV
  4. TLS 55” LED smart digital curved TV

Key Features of TLS TVs

  • Picture Quality

All TLS televisions are impressive high definition TVs with above-average picture quality, clarity and deeper blacks. This is because they have local dimming that improve their contrast as well as other features like high brightness and large color volume.

Also they have low input lag and low motion blur that make them ideal pick for gaming and sports. Although, the picture quality does degrade very fast once you move from the center the overall image quality and uniformity is good.

  • Design

When it comes to design, all TLS models have a similar design. The TV’s rear is metallic and has screws throughout the body that hold the TV tightly together. It has only one Velcro strap at the bottom (for cable management).  The silver borders are a little bit bulky and they are made of plastic but look quite good.

The TV stand is as wide as the television itself consequently it requires a bigger table top.

  • Motion

Another interesting feature of a TLS TV is the ability to handle good motion. It has a very fast response time that leads to very short trails after fast-moving objects. Unlike other brands, it does not use PWM to dim its backlight. Therefore it has very smooth motion. You can also enjoy watching your favorite movie from your Blu-ray player although minor judder may be experienced when the movie is watched from an HTPC or cable. Fortunately, this is not an issue as very few viewers notice it.

Why You Should Purchase a TLS TV

  • Remote control

Every TLS television comes with a remote control in the box that you may think it was mistakenly placed there.  Well, it is very responsive and comfortable. There are 2 versions of the remote depending on the TV model but don’t worry. You don’t have to purchase a fancy remote to get features like voice search. Instead, you can download the app from Google Play Store and get all of these features. The app is very responsive and will connect to your TV with ease.

  • Smart Connectivity

TLS TV models offer very convenient ways to link all your smartphones, tablets and other compatible mobile devices using Bluetooth, Miracast, HDMI, VGA, and USB.  That way, you can share apps and media content from the mobile device to your TV effortlessly and quickly. For smart TVs with inbuilt WI-FI, you can seamlessly access your mobile applications on your TV screen using the magic mobile connection.

  • Web browser

The TV comes with Mozilla Firefox; it enables you to sync with an Android smartphone. This allows you to send videos, photos, and other media to the TV from the browser via your smartphone. It works just like Google Cast.

  • Upgradeable

The TV’s digital system upgrades its receiver’s software, installs it and begins using it even without your knowledge. These new software updates are sent together with the normal TV signals.

  • Multimedia support

TLS TVs comes with multimedia ports like HDMI, internet port, USB, optical audio output, antenna/cable connector, reset button, and headphone jack. All these ports are found on the right side of the TV’s panel. This position makes hooking them up very easy.


Most of the TLS TV lineup is budget-friendly and their smart models rival the best. Not forgetting the picture quality is consistently impressive across their models. As a result, the best way to get the right TV model is to shop by size and your available budget.