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Top TV Brands In Kenya 2020


TV Landscape in Kenya

Even though many Kenyans think that the television market is flooded, with numerous cheap TV brands and counterfeit TVs, this is far from the truth with the Kenya Bureau of Statistics recording that only 51% of Kenyans have access to TVs in their homes. As projected, Kenya’s TV industry will continue to grow as more people buy TVs for their homes and those having CRT (belly) TVs upgrading to flat screen TVs. Additionally, digital migration has seen many Kenya’s buying digital TVs with a view of being able to watch free to air channels that are transited via Digital signals

Top TV Brands in Kenya

With the opening up of the TV market in late 1990s, numerous TV brands have made inroads into the country. Today there are over 20 TV brands in Kenya. For many Kenyans, the two dominant factors that determine which TV brand they buy is price and brand name.

According to the Kenya Electronic Market Report, a company that provides unique market insights into Kenyan products and consumer behaviour, the top tv brands in Kenya in 2017 are Sony, Samsung, LG, Hisense and TCL. This also reflects the global TV market where this 5 TV were ranked best TVs globally in 2016 by Consumer Report.

Hisense TV

hisense tv reviews and prices in kenya
Many Kenyans are embracing the Hisense TVs mainly because of its technological features and pocket friendly pricing. With as only 20K one can get themselves a nice Hisense TV in Kenya with incredible features. Read my full and detailed review of Hisense TVs in Kenya


TCL tv price list TCL 32 inch tv reviews and prices kenya
TCL which stands for The Creative Life has hit the Kenyan market with a bang. Just like Hisense TVs, TCL TVs in Kenya are also a new brand that markets itself with its incredible features at pocket friendly prices. In addition, Most TCL TVs come with pre-installed streaming services like Netflix that allow you to watch your favorite shows. Read my full and detailed review of TCL TVs in Kenya


top selling flat screen TVs
LG TVs in Kenya are a house hold name and one of the trusted TV brands in many Kenyan homes. The LG flat screen TVs have been made using LG’s innovative technology that gives it superior performance and quality. Furthermore, LG tvs have one incredible picture clarity. Read my full and detailed review of LG TVs in Kenya

Samsung TV

best 32 inch tv
Samsung TVs are a  respected brand in Kenya and one top selling flat screen TVs in the country. This is because Samsung flat screen TVs not only offer high quality pictures, but they are well designed and energy efficient. When shopping for Samsung TVs in Kenya, you have the choice of buying a Samsung UHD TV, Smart TV, 4K UHD TV or a Full HD LED TV that is perfect for you.

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Sony TV

Many Kenyans associate Sony TV brands with their durability and good picture quality that does not diminish with continued use. No one can write off Sony TVs as their Sony Bravia model is still rated as one of the most sold TVs in the world and is still Sony’s leading model in terms of sales. Additionally, Sony has also developed its own TV technology to give viewers crisp clear pictures and reduce motion blur.

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