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Toshiba TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


Price of Toshiba TV in Kenya

Origin of Toshiba TV

Even though Toshiba TV traces its founding to 1875, the current company came to existence in 1939 when two major electric companies merged to form Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd. (TOSHIBA).  Toshiba has since grown to become a leader and innovator in the electronic industry. The company has its global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Toshiba is a house hold name when it comes to electric gadgets including;  TVs, laptops, batteries, communication systems and electronic circuits. Toshiba TVs are one of the most established brands in the world. However, in recent years, they have faced stiff competition from other TV brands.

Toshiba TVs in Kenya

Toshiba TVs launched in Kenya in the 1980s and disappeared in the late 1990’s when Toshiba began restructuring its business.  In 2015 however, The launch of Toshiba regional offices in Nairobi  signaled a renewed drive to push Toshiba products including Toshiba TV into the Kenyan market. Toshiba TVs in Kenya are imported and distributed by Armco Kenya. In Kenya, the most recommended Toshiba TVs are the 22 inch and 32 inch Toshiba TV.

Toshiba TV Prices In Kenya

Toshiba TV ModelPrice
Toshiba 22 Inch  HD LED TVKSh 24,499 Order Now!
Toshiba 32 Inch Digital  HD LED TVKSh 19,875 Order Now!

Why Buy A Toshiba TV In Kenya

Toshiba TVs come in different ranges from high end models to budget Toshiba TV models  thereby giving one an opportunity to select a Toshiba TV that suits them. in terms of pricing, Toshiba TV prices in Kenya are generally cheaper than its main rivals, Sony, Samsung and LG. Toshiba TVs have good picture quality and offer a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. This makes it the perfect TV for communal spaces where everyone, no matter the sitting position, will comfortable watch the TV.

Price of Toshiba TV in Kenya

Toshiba flat screen TVs also support multimedia connectivity, supports PVR recording, excellent sound system and a thin, well designed frame. Another key feature of Toshiba flat screen TVs is that it supports mobile connectivity, allowing you to use Toshiba as your mobile screen. This is perfect for viewing pictures and videos stored on your phone.They are also Digital TVs allowing you to catch on all your favorite free to air TV stations.

Toshiba TV prices in Kenya are affordable and very cost effective given that you will be getting a quality TV from a reputable TV brand

Toshiba Smart TV

Just like other TV brands in Kenya, Toshiba offers smart TV features that allow users to connect to the internet. Its smart TVs come with pre-loaded apps including browsers, Netflix, YouTube and BBC I-player.

Toshiba TV Prices in Kenya

Toshiba 32 Inch Digital  HD LED TV

price of 32 inch toshiba TV in Kenya

Toshiba 22 Inch  HD LED TV