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Common Tv Terms Explained


Buying flat screen tvs in kenya online might be very difficult especially if one is not conversant with tv terms.

When buying tvs in kenya, most kenyans usually  seek to know jumia tv prices in Kenya, naivas tv prices and olx led tv prices in kenya. To effectively buy a tv online,  knowing various tv terms will help you select the most appropriate tv for you.


Smart Tv

A smart TV is the kind of TV which can connect to the internet and do a whole lot of stuff like streaming from Netflix and YouTube to playing online games. You can watch views and check weathers on a smart TV and even do stuff like browsing social media on a smart TV.



An LCD TV (Liquid Crystal Display) are televisions which use liquid crystal technology. These TVs offer high-resolution pictures in a broad array of sizes. They work well in all kinds of lighting and are pretty much energy efficient too. Though the viewing angle in LCD screens is not that great, technology is swiftly improving the viewing angle in this kind of televisions.


A LED TV (Light Emitting Diode Television) offers many benefits including brighter pictures with deeper colors.  LED TVs are also slimmer and are Eco-friendlier compared to the LCD TV because of the low mercury production.  Today, flat screen led tv prices in Kenya are affordable and one can easily get a good flat screen tv for as low as 15k

There are two types of LED TVs:

Back Lit LED TVs: Here the LEDs are placed all over the rear of the panel. The picture quality is excellent and the brightness is exceptional.

Edge Lit LED TVs: Here the LEDs are placed solely on the edges of the panel. This configuration is very energy efficient. There is not much compromise in picture quality either.



OLED TV (Organic LED TV) are the kinds of televisions which produce light on their own without the help of any additional lightings. They are more energy efficient, than LED TVs

Plasma TV

Plasma TVs are common in the larger tvs used in entertainment spots of large gatherings. They are very affordable not energy efficient as they use energized plasma cells for display. Their screens are prone to image burning, making them unsuitable for gaming. The benefits of a plasma TV are deep colors, good viewing angles, fast image motion and bright tones.


4K Tv simply means a clearer image, 4 times than the ordinary picture. UHD means Ultra high definition. 4K UHD TVs are the tvs of the future as they show very real, lifelike images, vibrant tones and vivid pictures. They feature much more pixels per inch than an HD TV resulting in an excellent quality image and greater viewing angles.



In a 3D TV (a kind of HDTV), you can view specially constructed three-dimensional videos, movies and games with the help of a specialized 3D glasses. There are two kinds of 3D glasses: Active (or Active Shutter) and Passive.

Active 3D glasses: They sync media electronically and display them in the glasses. They run on batteries and can only work with the specific TV models.

Passive 3D glasses: These does not sync media electronically and thus does not require batteries. These glasses work like the ones used in the 3D cinemas of today. These glasses like the former only work with the 3D TVs specifically made to work with this kind of glasses.

Display Resolution

The term display resolution refers to the number of pixels that form the display on a screen. TVs with higher resolution have more and tinier pixels and thus have sharper images. There are three main resolution types available nowadays: 720p, 1080p and 4k (2160p).720p (1280 x 720) or HD: All major HD broadcasting services incorporate this standard.

But if you want original picture, this will not be enough.1080p (1920 x 1080) or Full HD: This resolution provides a high-quality image. The best thing about this resolution is that the image will not be downgraded and you would not lose much detail than the original.2160p (3480 x 2160) or 4k: This resolution, also known as Ultra HD (UHD) provides twice the number of pixels as the Full HD TV hence increasing the picture quality by a substantial amount. This resolution provides one of the most vivid details to the date.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate determines how many times the screen in redrawn every second. This is measured in Hertz (Hz). If the TV has more refresh rate, the less it will flicker. A high refresh rate is also good for fast motion pictures and gaming (up to 600 Hz).

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of a TV is the measure of the quality of picture from off-center viewing poses. Every TV looks best when viewed form head on position. A TV with wider viewing angles allows much more unfaded images to be displayed. If it is a big room that you have, consider getting a TV with a wide viewing angle.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This new setting in some rare TVs allows a much wider array of colors hence getting the picture very close to real life. This rather costly feature is not at all a must but is very good if you have a large budget. Many services are just starting to take advantage of this technology. So, it might take some years to get to regular use.


Blu-Ray, an optical disc format can play very high-quality movies and other videos. 4K and 3D content can also be played in Blu-Ray. A Blu-Ray player can be a nice addition to go along if you have a 4K or maybe a full HD TV. Some video games consoles already have Blu-Ray playing features built in. So, check if your console has it before buying a player.


These are cables that you can use to connect your Blu-Ray player, DVD player or your consoles to a TV. They can carry both audio and video. You will require a 4K HDMI or HDMI 2.0 or later to stream 4K content from your player to your TV.


Streaming Video Player

A streaming video player lets you stream movies and TV shows to your TV from a box like a device. They allow internet connection to connect to streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and VUDU. Some do even lets you play video games. It allows you to watch what you desire, whenever you need it.

Now you are knowledgeable when it comes to Tv terms. the next time you are looking for flat screen tvs in Kenya, either in jumia, kilimall, naivas or even olx kenya, you will definitely know exactly what you are looking for.

Now you know the common tv terms to help you buy your Tv of choice