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Vitron TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


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Vitron TV brand is one of the newest in the market. However, it has managed to manufacture TV sets that are packed with high-quality performance and display features in its technology. Besides full HD range color, outstanding brightness, the television also has very wide viewing angles thanks to its IPS panel.  More importantly, its ability to handle motion is very good and can be used as personal computer monitor, for gaming or as an extra TV in a bedroom.  Vitron TV has priced all its models very fairly and they are currently going for a very reasonable cost.

Origin of Vitron TV

Vitron TVs are manufactured by Vitron Television Private Limited that was founded on May 31, 1988, and its headquarters are located in Mumbai, India. The company also manufactures TV and radio transmitters, line telegraphy equipment.

Vitron TV Models In Kenya


Vitron TV ModelPrice
Vitron 19 Inch Digital HD LED TVKSh 7,199 Order Now!
Vitron 24 Inch Digital HD LED TVKSh 15,500 Order Now!
Vitron 32 Inch Digital HD LED TVKSh 18,000 Order Now!

Key Features of Vitron TVs

  • Supports  HD Display
  • Digital TV -inbuilt Decorder; Supports Free to Air TV
  • PVR Recording
  • Motion Blur Reduction
  • Excellent Picture Display
  • Excellent Integrated Sound Output
  • Multimedia Connectivity- 2 AV in, 1 USB, 2 HDMI, 1 VGA
  • Sleek & Elegant  Design
  • 2 Year Warranty

Why You Should Buy A Vitron TV In Kenya

Color Delivery
Vitron TV renders good quality color; both for HDR and SDR content. It also has 10-bit color hence good gradation between the colors. When it comes to brightness levels, this television performs even well compared to a conventional TV.  Both its HDR and SDR brightness is high and incredibly good for streaming and watching music, TV shows, and movies even in a dark room.

Multimedia Connectivity
The connectivity specifications of Vitron TV lineup are standard and cut across all models. They come with ports for HDMI, USB, 3.5 mm headphones, VGA and other codes essential for playing back a wide range of media from different types of mobile devices. It can also transmit an uncompressed audio-video data in 100 percentage digital format. This, as a result, brings amazing viewing experience with great audio sound and pixel accuracy.

In regard to gaming connectivity, the TV is good and has a decent low input lag that supports multiple colors, and PC monitor resolution settings of up to 1080p.

Excellent Picture Display
All Vitron TV models are LED. Basically, this means the LED pixels produce their own light and don’t use edge light or backlight at any single point. The contrast is good, have rich colors and the screen are brighter.

Motion Handling and Upscaling
For motion handling, the TV works very well and this can be considered as one of the best features as far as display performance is concerned. Its motion blur is extremely low and a very fast response time. This simply means the TV handles fast-paced actions such as games and sports on TV without blur. It can play also movies from Blu-ray disc and streaming media without significant judder.

Digital TV
All Vitron TVs are digital and have an inbuilt decoder. This means you will be receiving as many free to air high definition channels as possible.  Also, most homeowners with this brand don’t have to subscribe monthly to any TV service provider or purchase an external set-top box to pick HD transmissions over the airwaves.

Smart TV Functionality
Some Vitron TV models in Kenya come with Smart TV functionality. The Vitron Smart TV platform is something you will come to love and get addicted to. These models have very easy to navigate and user-friendly platforms that come with a handful integrated applications. You can also download other apps from Google Play Store. The remote control also has voice control and this enables you to handle many tasks easily without using the buttons. These models are also Google Cast integrated; this allows you to transmit your photo, videos, and music to your phone, tablet or any other mobile device to your TV’s screen.

If your Vitron TV is not smart, you can easily add an external smart device like Roku to enable this feature.

Quality Audio System
Unlike most sleek TV panels with inadequate room for large speakers, a Vitron TV has full and rich sound. This is because the television supports Dolby that overhead sound. However, you can also choose to enhance your sound using external sound bars for a cinematic experience.

Verdict On Vitron TVs In Kenya

For anyone looking for a quality but pocket friendly TV in Kenya, then the Vitron TV comes highly recommended. Additionally buying a vitron TV from reputable sellers is the best option as they provide warranty and technical support.

Vitron TV ModelPrice
Vitron 19 Inch Digital HD LED TVKSh 7,199 Order Now!
Vitron 24 Inch Digital HD LED TVKSh 15,500 Order Now!
Vitron 32 Inch Digital HD LED TVKSh 18,000 Order Now!