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Von Hotpoint TVs In Kenya; Reviews, Specs and Prices in Kenya


Von Hotpoint TV in Kenya

Von Hotpoint  TV  are  fast becoming a house hold TV brand in Kenya that  are designed to bring style to your Livingroom. Having  been  established  in  1984, Von Hopoint  has  risen  to  become  one  of  the  best  selling TV  brands  in  Kenya.

So what is the origin and manufacturer of Von Hotpoint TV? Von Hotpoint brand is owned and licensed by Hotpoint Global to make TVs for the African market. Von Hotpoint TV in Kenya are distributed and sold by Hotpoint Kenya. Technically, there is no difference between Hotpoint TV and Von Hotpoint TV  , they are one and the same. HotPoint as a brand name is mainly used in the USA and UK. in the UK, it is owned by Whirlpool while US operations as done by Haier. In Asia, the brand is known as Ariston while in Kenya and Africa, its Von Hotpoint.

Why  Buy  Von Hotpoint  TV In Kenya ?

Full  HD  Picture  Resolution

It  contains   Full  HD  Resolution  which  enhances  picture  quality   on  the  screen,while   allowing  you  to  watch  any  content  in  HD.VonHotpoint  TVs  produce  insanely  sharp  and  realistic  images  that  will  greatly  improve  your  TV  viewing   moments. Von Hotpoint  TVs   have  rose  to  become  the  best  suited  for  watching  favourites  such  as sports,athletics,  and  high  paced  action  movies.

Digital  TV

The  Von Hotpoint  TV  being  a  digital  one ,means  it  has  a  greater  performance  and  can  receive digital  broadcast signals.With  their  digital  inbuilt  tuners  ,you  will  be  able  to  scan   and  view  free  to  air  channels.There  are  over  50  free –to-air  channels  in  Kenya  and  you  can watch  them  directly  from  your  VonHotpoint  TV  without  having  to  buy  a  decorder  which  makes  it  pocket  friendly  and  affordable  to  many.

Smart  TV

Some VonHotpoint  TVs  are  smart  TVs  ,This  is  because  they  support  internet  Connectivity  ,browsing,andstreaming.With   VonHotpoint, you  can  stream  your  favourite  TV  shows  directly  through  your  TV.

Multimedia  support

With  multimedia  support  you  can  connect  your  TV   to  any  gadget  as it has  numerous multimedia  ports.This  is because  they  come  with  1HDMI  input,1 AV in,1 PC  audio,1  USB  in.In  addition  to  that,it  also  allows  you  to  watch  your  pictures  or  content  directly  from  the  USB  port.

Additional features


Additional features